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My compost is ssoooo cute!

Last week I was in a mad panic to get as much as I could done in the yard before I went under the knife (foot surgery)
Needless to say , I worked till I dropped. Surprised myself!
So here's what I got done! Re-did my compost bins, cut the grass, planted onions, a few Lima beans and transported some kale. As well as picked up timbers to get my other yard projects going.
A moment of silence please for all my seedlings that have passed on and my pod seedlings that never sprouted ;(
I'll have to go to the garden centers to get a few plants, but there's time for that, I'm way ahead
compared to last year. Meanwhile I'm on craigslist daily looking for the best deals on lots of top soil, haven't found any radio hook ups in gardening yet....but I'm keeping hope alive! :)

The Backyard was no joke!
Damn this economy, I miss Fransisco my yard man!
I cut it all myself first time ever!!

These timbers will soon be the home of all types of life. Thanks garden buddy!!

After I build my lettuce beds , I'm thinking about flower boxes throughout the back yard??

It's quite barren right now

Kale from the seedling bed has moved onto the main garden, hope it does well! It's surrounded by onions to keep away the pests!

My chives look sooo good, I'll separate them soon

Sprayed this brush area, to kill the shrubs, it gets VERY thick during the summer, I'd rather mulch it and grow wild flowers, wish me luck!

Here's my pride and joy! My new compost bins... I took the old one cut the timbers in half (braving the ants, earwigs, blood suckers, etc...that had made homes in between the wood!)

This will make for better for composting, and it looks great! The wood off to the side will guide the melons and pumpkin patch!

Mixin in my grass clippings from mowing the lawn...

Have to make sure I have the right amount of browns to greens, always more browns. Thanks to all the coffee drinkers at work for the coffee grounds.

Composting isn't just trash. It's a strategic blend of good waste!

Nature is so neat!

04/08/2009 5:51AM
My compost is ssoooo cute!
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