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Mr. Wimbledon = Mr. 15

Roger “Mr. Wimbledon” Federer dominates ALL sports by winning his 15th Major. Wow. It ONLY took 4.5 hours and the longest 5th set in Wimbledon History (5-7, 7-6, 7-6, 3-6, 16-14). Federer is hands down the greatest EVER. He passed Pete Sampras (who had 14), he scored 50 Aces (1 short of the record), his 6th Wimbledon, and he’s only 27 years old. My God. His 1st Major was Wimbledon in 2003 (when he was 21) and he broke the record at Wimbledon giving him the name “Mr. Wimbledon” – by me. I feel sorry for Andy Roddick! He’s been MJ’d by Mr. Wimbledon. (Andy is Roger’s: Pat Ewing, Karl Malone or Charles Barkley) 2003 – Lost to Mr. W in Wimbledon semifinals, 2004- lost to Mr. W in Wimbledon Finals, 2005 – Lost to Mr. W in Wimbledon Finals, 2006 Lost to Mr. W in U.S. Open Finals, 2009 was the accomplice to the best Wimbledon Finals ever, a losing effort to Mr. W. Funny Points of Reference: • As SOON as the match was over, the 1st 2 commercial slots were: 30 second commercials praising Mr. Wimbledon for his 15 Majors: That’s a LOT of pressure KNOWING you’ve taped the commercials ALREADY, and having to win; what would’ve run in those spots had he LOST? • Andy Roddick holding back the tears: 1st, second place is rewarded with a damn silver food tray, while Roger holds up his 6th Wimbledon Trophy. 2nd, having to hear Mr. Wimbledon’s acceptance speech (where Mr. W tells Roddick he knows how it feels to be on the losing end of Wimbledon, because he was there last year. Difference is, Andy has NEVER won, and this was Roger’s first loss!) It was clearly a situation where Andy felt like, “Damn, you can let me get ONE man! Damn!” Other Notable Wins in Wimbledon: • Women’s Single’s: Serena Williams • Women’s Double’s: Venus and Serena Williams Steve McNair is no longer with us. Details and Daht’s take on it tomorrow!

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07/06/2009 5:07AM
Mr. Wimbledon = Mr. 15
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