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Mr. Ghetto's "Walmart" Video

Honestly, I think the artist's name says it all... Mr. Ghetto might have created one of the most GHETTO videos I have ever seen!! The video for the song called "Walmart" is shot with girls shaking their ass all over Walmart to the lingerie section and even to the parking lot. One word-EMBARASSING!!! This video makes me a little ashamned to be black at this point because with music like this people can't take you seriously so of course they gonna judge you! And to the females it would have been nice to see your face every once in awhile besides just shaking your ass for the camera the WHOLE ENTIRE TIME!!! O and playing in the buggys like you're five is not a good look either! So I'm guessing the total cost of this video was probably FREE along with that Walmart law suit thats on the way I had to call Mr. Ghetto to really find out what was going through his mind to come up with something like this...hopefully I can get an interview Damn shame......

05/20/2011 9:56AM
Mr. Ghetto's "Walmart" Video
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06/09/2011 9:30AM
I totally agree.This was very disresopectful towards women and towards african americans. I'am from New Orleans and have been away since hurricane Katrina in 2005. We've have always had bounce music, but it wasn't that bad. Its very imbarrassing to me because people are going to start wondering if all people from New Orleans act like this ghetto manner and we don't.It's a crying shame. And if they were going to shake their asses , please make the man take you to SAKS 5TH AVE WITH HIS BLACK CARD AND NOT CHEAP ASS WALMART WITH A FOODSTAMP CARD. LADIES: STOP LOWERING YOUR STANDARDS YOU ARE WORTH MORE THAN YOUR BODIES AND LETTING A MAN STRAIGHT DOG AND DISRESPECT YOU ON NATIONAL TV. I COULDNT BELIEVE THAT THIS WAS HAPPENING IN MY HOME TOWN.AND THE BAD PART ABOUT IS THAT MANANGER IS PROUD AND STATED THAT THIS WAS A BLESSING.OMG - SMH IM NOT KNOCKING THE BOUNCE MUSIC BECAUSE IM A FAN OF IT MYSELF , BUT THE VIDEO IN WALMART WAS INAPPROPRIATE. THERE'S SENIOR CITZENS AND ALSO KIDS LOOKING AT THAT. PLUS THATS A FRANCHISE WHERE EVERYONE GOES. MY PEOPLE MY PEOPLE....... WE GOTTA PRAY FOR THEM....................
10/11/2011 9:50AM
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