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More Wallets Dropped!!

Cricket-Logo       Hey hey hey!!!    Are you ready for Homecoming and Halloween?  Its gonna be a CRAZY weekend all over the Triad and what better way to top it off then to find a Cricket wallet full of prizes, coupons and cash cards!  Have you found one yet?  What are you waiting for? Let me give you another clue to help you out...While shopping at a place where the name ends in "mart", looking in our buggy there would be very very smart! And there you have it go out there and get your wallet, and be sure to hit me up and let me know what you won!  Good Luck from me & Cricket!  

10/29/2009 5:00AM
More Wallets Dropped!!
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11/17/2009 4:58AM
I strongly agree with you. Yesterday you were talking about how Monique hollers. Man it's too much for late night when you're going to bed. What i do is record her so i can fast forward to the guest. Also Wanda's show isn't what i thought either. Like you i love,love,love her. What a disappointment. Wendy Williams i like alot. Keep up the good work. Glad you're back!
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