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Middle East Car Show In High Point!!!!!!!!

Despite the rain, everyone came out to the car show!  Shoutouts to Highpoint, the 102 Jamz family, Rugybee 1500, Nox and P-Wonda bringing the  Wondabread through.

Check out the 102 Jamz old school!!!

07/13/2010 5:01PM
Middle East Car Show In High Point!!!!!!!!
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12/20/2010 2:14AM
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Keep posting stuff like this i really like it
06/01/2012 10:36PM
Well since I can't post comments anywhere else I'm just going to go in and say. . .
Whoever does the mix at night sucks, I'm trying to hear a song & all I hear is two words repeating for about a minute and when the songs are merged together it is the most annoying sound ever. If you can't mix the music right don't mix it at all thank you.
10/07/2013 4:03PM
the GRINCH is pissed@102.1 waleed coyote mid east car show.....Read on
no problem's at all with the car show's in fact i really enjoyed the mid east show in danville va so much that i voted on the winner and won,,,lol anyway even thou i also have a couple of hotttttt whip's myself, i must say i am so tired of the car show's, I've been in the bike world for several year's and has been and still is involed in the bike clubs,which we are larger than 5000 member's plus in differant clubs but very much support all or each other,my problem or thought too you is why isn't it a Mid East Bike Show?we have the power too do a lot more and are well more estabilished than the so call car show. what i meant by so call no point int, Most of the guys are not in a car club and win's big car club results,i think anyone can go out and buy rim's paint job and cover a seat,we in the bike world Don't half step,we go all the way even have our own vendor servicerses and more!!!,i am now with the club of B2B Brother to Brother Motercycle UMC in G'boro thou i live in D'ville thats how we roll in supt,we can cook for the MEBS mid east bike show.I would like for B2B to head it up we can get the croud in and gone wild in the communitys and surrounding ares,e-mail Like itttttt or Not ittttt, GRINCH!!!!
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