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brett-farve1Well here we are with the Confernce Championship games this weekend in the NFL. The Viking vs Saints and the Colts vs  Jets.  With that being said, it kills me that the end is almost here.  Football will be gone until next season.  Whhhhy!!  I mean feel like I kid who made out with the hot girl then she leaves, damn.   But I won't get  get into all that right now.  Lets talk football.  I feel Bret farve will lead his Vikings to upset the saints in a classic NFL gun slinger shoot out.  In the AFC, I love the jets but Indy got MANNING.  So if my hunch is right, its the colts vs. vikings in the superbowl.  A hollywood finish for a hollywood story.    
Jonathan Vilma   Reggie Bush
Peyton Manning

01/23/2010 9:10AM
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01/23/2010 12:44PM
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