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Today the world said goodbye to the greatest entertainer in Michael Jackson gone far too soon.Many things will said about this one person who has done soo much for soo many.Sure some may question Michael judgements and decsions in his life. And some may even say that the media is making too much of his death as they did in his life. Michael had many chapters in his life some good,bad and of course very sad as well.But I feel that for one day or maybe a little longer we should all try to celebrate the magic we all grew to love in one Michael Joseph Jackson.Today seeing his motorcade travel the streets of Los Angeles to the Staple Center and his casket moved to the floor it hit me "The King Is Gone". But more than that I took away from the service the human side of all this. Michael was a son,brother,uncle,and yes a father. Yes the world lost a great entertainer but Prince,Parris and Blanket their lost daddy. Having lost my father my heart goes out them the world crys with them and for them. To Michael I hope you find your peace now and may your music and love for humanity live on and know you will always be forever "The King Of  Pop" R.I.P.

07/07/2009 7:30PM
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07/14/2009 10:13PM
Please allow me to say this. I am 53 and grew up with The Jackson 5,and Michael. Now, this abuse that Michael has stated that he recieved from his Dad and the media is constantly mentioning it, I believe we all grew up during that time with the strap,belt,switch,etc.,and of course today it's called abuse. However Joe disciplined his kids it apparently worked. Mr.& Mrs. Jackson have raised beautiful,talented,successfull children. None of whom are violent,(strung out on drugs), in gangs or doing anything counter productive to society. That's what's wrong today. Parents can't discipline their children and the kids grow up trying to run over the parents. Of course getting a "whoopping" was an unpleasant experience growing up but you learned from it that there are consequenses for your actions. Now, do you want your Dad busting your butt? Or the cops busting you up side the head. Good job Joe. R.I.P. Michael.
07/31/2009 1:24PM
I fell the same way I think people should take some me time. I have been thinking about others as long as I can rember, but nobody thinks about me. its drives me crazy. I have 3 kids a job ,@ I go to school. I help out my Faimly @ friends. but now I needsome me time, if I don't get it am going to go crazy. (For real)!
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