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Khloe Kardashian really OJ Simpson's daughter?

Tabloids...Shabloids...This story caught my eye.  We've all wondered deep down why Khloe Kardashian looks so different from her siblings; Kim, Kourtney, and Rob.  Well, according to National Enquirer, OJ Simpson is Khloe's daddy.  Apparently while in jail, OJ has mentioned that he is Khloe's father. 
It is known that Kris Jenner wasn't 100% faithful to her former husband, Robert Kardashian.  Even Robert's wife at the time that he passed said that Khloe was NOT his daughter.

Why don't you take a look for yourself and decide.

We can't help but notice that Khloe Kardashian and O.J. Simpson's daughter, Sydney Brown Simpson favor a lot.
We can't help but notice how much Khloe Kardashian and OJ's daughter, Sydney Brooke Simpson favor.

Khloe Kardashian and O.J. Simpson.
Khloe Kardashian and OJ Simpson

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01/25/2012 7:41PM
Khloe Kardashian really OJ Simpson's daughter?
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01/26/2012 6:40PM
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01/31/2012 11:45PM
He still messing up ppl lives behind bars
02/01/2012 4:21AM
could it be true??????
while watching the show we all have to wonder why the beauty is so unlike the rest of the clan, tall, thick and overall different. But OJ? really? why is OJ still even on our minds or in the media? He is so old news!!!!!!!!! not all siblings will resemble eachother! She is every bit as stunning as the rest of the sisters. Everyone is different no matter if they resemble their parents completly. let it go people.
02/01/2012 4:23AM
kk and OJ who cares about OJ
quit giving oj the attention he wants
10/03/2012 11:47PM
kk and OJ
This is so ridiculous. I have 6 brothers and one of my brothers does not look like us. I know for a fact he is my sibling. Khloe out of all the Kardasian's is the sweetest sibling. She is always there for everyone. Rob lives with her, she is always helping Courtney out with her many problems and when Kim was going through her divorce she stood by her side. You can see the love she has for her little sister's and is a wonderful wife. Don't be hating on the Kardasians, especially Khloe. She without a doubt is my favorite. Worse case scenerio...she isn't Robert Kardasian's daughter biologically? So what, as far as she is concerned that is her dad and will always be her dad. I adopted my oldest daughter. She would never tell you I wasn't her mother and my husband was not her real father. Your real parents are the ones that raise you. So either way and who really cares...Khloe is and will always be a Kardasian. Everyone calm down and worry about things that really matter.
06/12/2014 5:30PM
oj is cray-cray
I think she looks like him...
12/16/2015 9:55AM
Not at all!!
What a media circus!!!She is completely white woman, don't you see??
02/02/2016 12:22PM
I think she looks while. Sydney has dark skin like O.J. But she does not. Khloe's mom may have questioned as to whether she was O.J.'s at the time she was carrying her. But I bet it was settled w/blood tests by Kardashian . Don't you think, as a lawyer he would have found that out?
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