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oooooo-my8By now you have all seen or heard the foul thing Kanye West said and did at the VMA's this past weekend in NYC. Yes, like many of you with a heart I was "NOT" shocked, but still a bit upset with his actions. Let's face it, this is not the first but I do hope it will be the last of his child like behavior. For sometime now I have been very vocal about this gifted and talented artists stupid, arrogant,and flat out rude actions on many fronts. However it seems to me he just does not get it or even cares. Now that I got that off my chest in the heat of the moment I must admit that I do feel some sympathy for Kanye. On the Jay Leno show after his outburst he admits that he never took the time off to grieve over the death of his loving mother. I remember when I lost my father I took two months off from work to take care of his estate get our house in order and to just get my mind right. With that said I do not think the death of his mother is an excuse for his actions towards Ms. Swift but I can relate. I hope in a major way Mr. West will get the help he needs to get his life in order so we can can get back to talk about his art rather than his bad behavior.

09/17/2009 1:24PM
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09/24/2009 1:16PM
whats good fam..... hov said it best... you can pay for college but you cant buy class...
12/31/2009 10:36PM
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