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Craig Mack Told Diddy No For Bad Boy Reunion

Apparently, the memes were wrong? I am getting the word that Craig Mack declined to be a part of the well-received Bad Boy reunion at the 2015 BET Awards! Now, there have been multiple rumors about Craig Mack over the last few years. Some have said he is a religious leader (rumored cult) and others say he now lives in the backwoods somewhere. But, yeah, most chatter says he joined a cult. ANYWAY, they say Craig has no love for Diddy – aka Puff Daddy – and just wasn't down for the reunion in any more. That didn't stop Minister Ma$e!

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Nicki Minaj Wanted A Piece Of Def Loaf?

Rumor has it that Nicki Minaj wanted a piece of Dej Loaf last night at the BET Awards. According to Nicki, she loves her boo Meek Mill, but it seems like she's still down with going over to the other side every now and then as she has alluded to doing it for years. Since Dej is joining Nicki on tour there could be more action between the two.

Allegedly, Nicki Minaj and Dej Loaf locked themselves in Nicki's trailer with Meek Mill minutes before Nicki needed to be on stage. It has been said that awards show staff had to unlock the trailer and caught the two making out. With this rumor, it makes you look deeper into the way Nicki shouted Dej out when accepting her award.

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Fan Waves Flag With Image From Kim Kardashian Sextape At Kanye West Concert

While Kanye West was performing at the Glastonbury Music Festival, a disgruntled fan tried to ruffle Ye's feathers, something that isn't very hard to do. A fan waved a flag that had a screenshot from the infamous sextape starring his wife Kim Kardashian West and her beau at the time, Ray J.

Fans were reportedly not all that happy about Yeezus headlining the festival, and this fan in particular decided to hit below the belt.

Comedian Lee Nelson also got on Yeezy's bad side when he interrupted his performance of "Black Skinhead" by jumping on stage and flaunting his t-shirt that read "Leezus." Nelson was later escorted out of the venue by police.

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Diddy, Jay Z, Drake & Dr. Dre Included On The Forbes 100 Highest Paid Celebritie

The 2015 Forbes Hip Hop Cash Kings

list is not out yet, but the publication may have given an indication of which rappers will be high on that list. That's because Forbes has released its "Celebrity 100: The World's Top-Paid Entertainers" list, and a few Hip Hop representatives are among the elite mentioned.

[ALSO READ: Dr. Dre Takes The Top Spot On Forbes Hip Hop Cash Kings List; Drake & Macklemore Enter Top 5]

Diddy (#21, $60 M), Jay Z (#28, $56 M), Drake (#54, $39.5 M), Dr. Dre (#73, $33 M), Pharrell Williams (#78, $32 M), and Eminem (#82, $31 M) made the list of extremely wealthy famous people. Other notable entertainers included Beyoncé at #29 with $54.5 million, Bruno Mars at #52 with $40 million, Kevin Hart at #95 with $28.5 million, and Jennifer Lopez at #95 with $28.5 million.

Floyd Mayweather topped the list. The boxing champion made $300 million. He was followed by his recent opponent Manny Pacquiao at number two with $160 million. Fellow sports stars LeBron James (#18, $65 M), Kevin Durant (#30, $54 M), Tiger Woods (#37, $50.5 M), Ndamukong Suh (#57, $38.5 M), Derrick Rose (#69, $34 M), and Carmelo Anthony (#86, $30.5 M) are part of the tally as well.

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Big Sean Feat. Chris Brown & Ty Dolla $ign - Play No Games (Official Video)

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French Montana Feat. Chinx & N.O.R.E. - Off The Rip (Official Video)

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Meek Mill’s New Album is Out

If you happen to be surfing on iTunes now, Meek Millz had just dropped his sophomore LP Dreams Worth More Than Money, according to Complex . The news happen to be coming after the performance of his single "All Eyes On You" with Chris Brown and Nicki Minaj at the BET Awards. Dreams Worth More Than Money is not available for stream yet, but if you want to download it, click here.

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Warren Sapp Allegedly Bit His Girlfriend And Stepped On Her Face

NFL Hall of Famer Warren Sapp has been charged with three counts of domestic abuse and a misdemeanor after an alleged violent encounter with his longtime girlfriend, Chalyce Moore, according to Reuters.

Sapp is accused of stepping on Moore's face and biting her finger during a fight on April 28th in Las Vegas. He is denying the allegations, according to his lawyer, Craig Mehrens. Moore and Sapp have been together for five years.

The former Oakland Raiders player also had a run-in with the law during Superbowl weekend in February when he was arrested for soliciting a prostitute. He pleaded in guilty in May to two counts of soliciting a prostitute and assault and completed a class related to prostitution. The incident cost him his job as an analyst for the NFL Network.

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Rich Homie Quan Ditches BET Awards After Being Denied Main Stage Performance

Rich Homie Quan was feeling some type of way after BET told him he was not performing at their awards ceremony anymore. The "Walk Thru" was reportedly scheduled to perform at the BET Awards but when he arrived for rehearsal, he was informed that he would instead be the headliner for the red carpet show, which he was not excited about.

[ALSO READ: Kendrick Lamar, Nicki Minaj, Fetty Wap, Diddy & The Family, & More Perform At 2015 BET Awards (VIDEOS)]

The Atlanta native allegedly got into a heated exchange with BET reps but nothing changed and they refused to restore his spot on the roster as a performer at the awards. Quan ended up ditching the show altogether.

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Safaree Samuels Reportedly Banned From BET Awards Red Carpet

Safaree Samuels takes to Twitter to inform everyone that he will not be able to attend the BET Awards' red carpet this year.

The 2015 BET Awards are tonight (June 28) as stars from Hip Hop and R&B will be making appearances, putting on performances and receiving hardware for their past year of work.

The red carpet is almost as noteworthy and reportedly Nicki Minaj's ex boyfriend Safaree Samuels will not be making an appearance at it. According to the rapper's Twitter, his publicist was informed that he was banned from the pre-show event.

"So Bet told my publicist im "Banned" from Bet Red carpet, hmmm wonder why.. dnt recall a situation occuring with them but hey #itiswhatitis," he relayed via the social media site Saturday night (June 27). He also added: "Tell em b*tches blow me lance stephenson … and to outsiders dont say anything about me quoting that… i wrote it!! have a goodday!"

It's unclear whether Safaree was even going to show up for the red carpet or even attend the awards ceremony. The 2015 BET Awards are slated to begin at 8 pm EST with performances scheduled to take place at the STAPLES Center, Club Nokia and the Nokia Theater.

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Bobby Shmurda's Girlfriend Reportedly Provided Him With Shank During Jail Visit

Bobby Shmurda arrested at Rikers Island for obtaining a shank from girlfriend Kimberly Rousseau during a June prison visit.

Bobby Shmurda's success came overnight with his initial hit "Hot Nigga," but since being signed to Epic Records, the rapper has been more known for out of the studio occurrences than musical ones.

The New York emcee is currently in jail and on trial for numerous weapons charges, among others, and now may be in even more hot water as he was reportedly arrested for obtaining a shank from his girlfriend during a recent prison visit.

According to the New York Daily News, Shmurda, real name Ackquille Pollard, was caught on June 21 after a guard allegedly saw his girlfriend, Kimberly Rousseau, pull a black latex glove balloon wrapped in black electrical tape out of her bra and give it to the rapper. According to a criminal complaint, the guard then opened the balloon and discovered a "sharpened metal object," which could've been used later as a weapon. They both would be subsequently charged with promoting prison contraband.

In May, it was reported that Bobby Shmurda was involved in a gang-related jail brawl during which he teamed up with three other Crip members against two Bloods in a fistfight. Prison guards at Otis Bantum Correctional Center used mace to break up the skirmish.

Bobby Shmurda, along with members of his GS9 crew, face over 100 charges including reckless endangerment, criminal possession of a weapon, conspiracy to commit murder in the second degree and criminally using drug paraphernalia. If convicted on everything he faces 25 years in prison.

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Dej Loaf Allegedly Involved In Brawl With Former Managers

One of Dej Loaf's former managers reportedly received stitches following encounter with Dej Loaf, during BET Awards rehearsal.

Just days after cutting ties with two of her former managers, Detroit, Michigan rapper Dej Loaf was reportedly involved in a fist fight with the two.

TMZ reports that Dej Loaf's former managers approached her during the rapper's BET Awards rehearsal over the weekend to "talk it out." From there, Dej Loaf, her brother, and her new management began to scuffle with her former managers.

It's been reported that one of her former managers left with a cut on his forehead and later received treatment for the injury at the hospital.

Few details about the incident have been made public since both parties have remained silent on the matter.

Despite reportedly appearing at rehearsal at Nokia Theatre on Saturday (June 27), Dej Loaf did not perform or make an on-stage appearance at the BET Awards on Sunday (June 28).

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K Camp - Comfortable (Official Video)

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DMX Arrested Over Child Support Allegations

Friday night, fans were left wondering why DMX was suddenly arrested before a highly publicized show in New York City.

The so-proclaimed dog of Hip-Hop was taken in to custody because of alleged child support infractions, according to police.

The rapper allegedly owes over $400,000 in back child support. There were several warrants out for the 44-year-old rapper.

There were also warrants for bail jumping and an alleged robbery in Newark, NJ.

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Iggy Azalea Accused Of Transmitting STD By Jefe Wine

The "Fancy" rapper's former flame is seeking financial compensation.

Iggy Azalea is being accused of giving an STD to her former boyfriend Jefe Wine.

According to court documents, Jefe Wine is seeking compensation along with payment of his medical bills.

"Jefe said he can prove he received an STD by a 'preponderance of evidence,'" XXL reports. "Also reported is Williams request for a temporary restraining order to prevent Azalea from calling him and threatening him."

Jefe Wine claims that he and Iggy had a common law marriage, a claim that Iggy's legal team fought. In October, his lawyer reportedly told Azalea that they would go to the press alleging she gave him an STD if they did not settle the matter out of court.

"I also was told yesterday via his lawyer if i do not settle out of court they will go to the press and say i gave him an STD, whats next?" Iggy Azalea said in October.

Jefe Wine explained his position to XXL.

"I had a contract on her," Jefe Wine says. "I have a contract on her and in spite of her going to sign with a different label, in spite of her lying that she's not signed [to me], I took the high road. Even though contractually I could have just stopped it from the very beginning. I said, 'I'm just going to take the song I wrote and produced, the songs that I can lawfully put out, and put it out.' When I did that and they got wind of it—it's actually in iTunes and Warner Music put it out—they attacked it. Like, 'Hey, you can't put this out.' That's when all of the smoke hit the fan."

Jefe Wine was involved in attempt to leak a sex tape featuring Iggy Azalea last year. Jefe Wine claimed that Iggy was aware she was being filmed. She threatened to sue if the tape was ever released.

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Silentó - Watch Me (Whip / Nae Nae) (Official Video)

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Rick Ross Feat. Future - Neighborhood Drug Dealer Remix (Official Video)

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Jay Z & Beyonce Featured On Forbes’ “World's Highest-Paid Celebrity Couples

Jay Z and Beyonce beat out by Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris on Forbes "World's Highest-Paid Celebrity Couples 2015" list.

According to an upcoming list from Forbes, Jay Z and Beyonce are one of a handful of couples who brought in well over $50 million in the past year.

Although the superstar couple was beaten out by Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris for the #1 spot on Forbes' "World's Highest-Paid Celebrity Couples 2015" list, they still managed to bring in $110.5 million. Their combined annual income earned Jay Z and Beyonce the #2 spot on Forbes' list.

Despite this year's ranking, Jay and Bey were able to obtain the #1 spot in 2013.

"They may no longer top the list of highest earning couples, but these media favorites have no trouble bringing in the millions. The pair, who recently celebrated their seventh wedding anniversary, collaborated this year for their co-headlined On the Run tour, which was the fifth highest grossing excursion of 2014, despite only playing 22 shows in our scoring period," Forbes wrote.

Also featured on the list were country stars Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton with $57 million. Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris earned $146 million.

Both Jay Z and Beyonce have been featured on a number of Forbes' celebrity earners lists. Last year, Beyonce was featured at #1 on Forbes' "Celebrity 100" list. This year, Jay Z was able to secure the #3 spot on Forbes' "Hip Hop's Wealthiest Artists 2015" list with a net worth of $550 million.

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We Are Young Money 10

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YG Speaks Out For The First Time Since Being Shot!

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Vine Comp Of The Week Part 120

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Supreme Court Rules In Favor Of Obama Care

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J. Cole To Help Pay For A Fan To Attend College

J. Cole is one entertainer that really does a lot to show love to his fans. For the third year in a row, the North Carolina native offered fans the chance to attend his "Dollar And A Dream Tour" for only $1. But the

Roc Nation artist went even beyond that for one specific follower.

[ALSO READ: Watch Southern University's Marching Band Play J. Cole's 'Wet Dreamz' (VIDEO)]

Back in 2013, Cole promised a high school student that he would attend her graduation if she made it into a four-year university. The young woman achieved that goal, and Cole kept his promise.

The "Apparently" rapper did not stop at just being part of the fans' big day. A representative for Cole confirms with that he is also chipping in to pay part of her college fees.

The "Dollar And A Dream Tour III: Friday Night Lights" raps up in Los Angeles tonight (June 26). Follow J. Cole on Twitter for more information.

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Bobby Shmurda Hit With Another Charge For Having A Shank In Jail

Brooklyn rapper Bobby Shmurda was already facing multiple charges stemming from a 2014 arrest in Manhattan. The Epic

Records signee has now been hit with an additional charge.

[ALSO READ: Bobby Shmurda & GS9 Hit With 32 Additional Charges]

A court hearing yesterday (June 25) featured the prosecution announcing Shmurda was re-arrested on Tuesday for possession of a "sharpened metal instrument" while incarcerated at Rikers Island jail. The "Hot N*gga" rhymer now has another separate felony charge for promoting prison contraband.

Shmurda and members of his GS9 crew were arrested last December. The 20-year-old born Ackquille Jean Pollard faces gang conspiracy, weapons possession, and reckless endangerment charges.

That trial is set to begin on October 5. Prosecutors have recommended an eight year sentence for Bobby. The contraband case will be tried separately in The Bronx which is the jurisdiction for Rikers.

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Puff Daddy’s Son Reportedly Endured Psychological Warfare By UCLA Coach

Justin Combs was bullied and publicly humiliated by coach, according to sources.

According to sources who spoke with TMZ this week, the issue between Puff Daddy and his son's coach Sal Alosi, "was years in the making."

The unknown sources revealed that over the span of three years, Justin Combs was the victim of verbal abuse at the hands of Alosi, who is the strength and conditioning coach at UCLA.

Combs reportedly endured public humiliating and was also bullied by the coach.

Puff, who was allegedly already aware of the treatment, chose to approach Alosi when his son informed him that he had been told to leave the field and not return for the rest of summer.

Following his encounter with Alosi, the Bad Boy Records founder was arrested for reportedly getting into a fight with the coach. He was charged with assault with a deadly weapon, making terrorist threats, and battery.

Days after the incident, a rep for Puff released the following statement:

"The various accounts of the event and charges that are being reported are wholly inaccurate. What we can say now is that any actions taken by Mr. Combs were solely defensive in nature to protect himself and his son. We are confident that once the true facts are revealed, the case will be dismissed."

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Rico Richie - Poppin (Official Video)

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Big Sean Feat. Kanye West - All Your Fault (Official Video)

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Big Sean Feat. Jhené Aiko - I Know (Official Video)

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Gucci Mane Does Not Have A Prison Release Date

Despite the reports, Gucci Mane will not be released from prison in July. Guwop's lawyer Drew Findling said that the reports that the Atlanta rep will be released in July are far from true.

"We do not know where that rumor came from, so that's just Internet and social media fabrication," Findling told MTV News. "We have no idea where that release date came from because we're still in the midst of resolving things with the Bureau of Prisons. There was some confusion on their part, about his release date. I can't get into specifics, but we're in the midst of corresponding with the Bureau of Prisons."

Findling said is working hard to get Gucci back on the streets though.

"I'm trying to iron out a specific release date for him, but that I can tell you that is not his release date. There's nothing formal about that. It's a product of social media."

Rumors began swirling that Gucci would be home soon when DJ Bankhead took to his Instagram and posted "JULY 11 MY HOMIE BACK IN THE STREETS SALUTE."

Gucci has been behind bars for two years serving a three-year sentence for federal gun charges.

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Bobbi Kristina Brown Put Into Hospice Care

Bobbi Kristina Brown has been moved into hospice care, CNN reports. The Houston and Brown family released a statement regarding their decision.

"Despite the great medical care at numerous facilities, Bobbi Kristina Brown's condition has continued to deteriorate," read the statement. "As of today, she has been moved into hospice care. We thank everyone for their support and prayers. She is in God's hands now."

The 22-year-old reportedly arrived at a hospice care facility in Atlanta on Wednesday night (June 24). Brown's grandmother, Cissy Houston, said that Brown has "global and irreversible brain damage."

Brown was found face down in a bathtub in her Atlanta home on January 31st and has been unresponsive ever since.

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Rick Ross Denied Bail In Assault And Kidnapping Case

Rick Ross was denied bail during a hearing on Wednesday (June 24) and will remain in Fayette County jail until he goes before a superior court judge on July 1st, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reports.

[ALSO READ: 50 Cent Clowns Rick Ross For His Arrest (VIDEO)]

The MMG boss was arrested June 24th stemming from a June 7th incident where he allegedly pistol whipped a groundskeeper after forcing him into his guesthouse at gunpoint. The victim reportedly has a chipped tooth and has lost use of his jaw and is restricted eating and drinking through a straw. Ross was charged with aggravated assault, aggravated battery and kidnapping.

Ross' bodyguard, Nadrian Lateef James, was also charged with aggravated battery and kidnapping.

The incident that led to the violent event is unknown.

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Producer Scott Storch Files For Bankruptcy

Scott Storch, the man behind the boards for hit songs by Beyoncé, 50 Cent, Fat Joe, Jadakiss,

Justin Timberlake and more, is in financial trouble once again. TMZ reports the record producer has filed for bankruptcy.

[ALSO READ: EXCLUSIVE: Scott Storch Speaks On Work With Meek Mill On "Dreamchasers 3″ Mixtape]

According to the website, Storch blew through nearly $70 million on cars, homes, drugs, and other expenses. Court documents reportedly show the industry veteran now only has $3,600 worth of assets to his name ($100 in cash, $500 in clothing, $3000 in jewelry).

He apparently only made $10,000 in 2014, and his music businesses – Storch Music Company and Tuff Jew Productions – are valued at nothing.

Storch filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy in 2009 as well. The 41-year-old ex-boyfriend of Lil Kim has faced several run-ins with the law and has battled drug addiction for years.

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Rick Ross Arrested On Assault, Kidnapping & Battery Charges

For the second time this month, rapper Rick Ross has been arrested in the state of Georgia. Ross (born William Roberts) was taken into custody last night by the Metro Atlanta Fugitive Task Force for outstanding

warrants for aggravated assault.

WSB reports the "Stay Schemin'" rhymer got into an altercation with someone working on his Fayette County property. Ross is accused of pistol-whipping the man. He and his bodyguard were charged with kidnapping, aggravated assault, and aggravated battery.

Ross was arrested two weeks ago in Fayette County as well. The Maybach Music Group boss was booked on a misdemeanor marijuana charge. A police officer found the weed in Ross' vehicle after stopping the Miami native for a tinted windows violation.

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Lil Wayne & Young Thug To Release Projects On Same Day

The release date for the first edition of "Slime Season" has been announced.

Young Thug took to Instagram to announce the release date for the first edition of Slime Season. It is July 4, the same day that Lil Wayne has scheduled to release his Free Weezy Album.

"lets get it!!," Young Thug writes.

Thugger announced the Slime Season series earlier this week (June 21). The mixtapes will be produced by London On da Track.

Lil Wayne is set to release his project independently due to his ongoing feud with Cash Money CEO Birdman.

Young Thug went from calling Lil Wayne his "idol" to dissing Lil Wayne on his Barter 6 project.

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Janet Jackson To Be Honored With Ultimate Icon Award At BET Awards

Janet Jackson will be receiving a major honor at this year's 15th annual BET Awards. It has been announced that the R&B veteran will be receiving the Ultimate Icon: Music Dance Visual Award at the ceremony. She will be the first-ever recipient of this honor.

Before she accepts her award, Ciara, Chris Brown and Tinashe will be paying homage to her with a performance.

[ALSO READ: Janet Jackson's New Album Will Arrive In The Fall]

Miss Jackson recently released her comeback single "No Sleeep" and will be heading out on the Unbreakable World Tour in November. Her new album will drop this fall.

The 2015 BET Awards will be hosted by black-ish stars Tracee Ellis-Ross and Anthony Anderson and will air on June 28th at 8:00 p.m EST. Performers include Kendrick Lamar, Nicki Minaj, Ne-Yo, Meek Mill and the Empire cast.

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Puff Daddy Arrested & Charged With 5 Crimes After UCLA Altercation

The charges against Puff Daddy have been announced.

Puff Daddy was arrested today (June 22) on UCLA's campus for getting into a fight with a football coach, TMZ reports.

The rapper's son, Justin, is a defensive back on the football team. Diddy watched practice from the sidelines as an assistant coach yelled at his son during a strength and conditioning drill.

Diddy then confronted the coach inside his office and was arrested for assault.

At the time of publication, he is still in custody on UCLA's campus.

Snoop Dogg's son, Cordell Broadus, also plays football for the Bruins.

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Kanye West, A$AP Rocky & Jay-Z Among GQ's "Top 20 Most Stylish Men Alive"

Five of GQ's Top 20 most stylish men alive are Rap artists.

GQ announced its 2015 "top 20 most stylish men alive" issue today (June 22).

Kanye West lands atop the list from the fashion magazine. Pharrell follows at #3.

LeBron James is at #7, while A$AP Rocky holds the #8 spot.

Jay-Z takes the #12 slot, Will Smith's son, Jaden Smith, snags the #13 place and Russell Westbrook earns the #16 spot.

Kim Kardashian took to her twitter to post a picture of her husband gracing the cover of GQ.

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Puff Daddy Arrested On UCLA Campus

The rapper got in a fight with a football coach.

Puff Daddy was arrested today (June 22) on UCLA's campus for getting into a fight with a football coach, TMZ reports.

The rapper's son, Justin, is a defensive back on the football team. Diddy watched practice from the sidelines as an assistant coach yelled at his son during a strength and conditioning drill.

Diddy then confronted the coach inside his office and was arrested for assault.

At the time of publication, he is still in custody on UCLA's campus.

Snoop Dogg's son, Cordell Broadus, also plays football for the Bruins.

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Daddy's Home (Starring Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg) (Movie Trailer)

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Protesters Demand The Confederate Flag Be Taken Down

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Lil’ Wayne Says Nicki Minaj And Drake Will Leave Cash Money

Lil' Wayne claims that Nicki Minaj and Drake are getting the same ill treatment that he got when he was at Cash Money and they may be jumping ship soon too.

[ALSO READ: Drake And Diddy Call A Truce]

TMZ reports that Weezy filed new documents in his lawsuit against Cash Money alleging that Nicki and Drake are being mismanaged. He claims that he is not the only one that the label owes and that they are refusing to pay other people what they are owed as well. The Young Money boss says that the shady business will lead to the two parting ways with the company soon.

The man who discovered Drake, J. Prince, also alleges that Birdman promised him a big percentage of Cash Money's profits from Drake's career and only gave him $2 million. Drake has reportedly grossed $40 million for the label.

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It’s a Boy: Kim & Kanye Announce Sex of Unborn Child!

Last night (June 21), Hip-Hop superstar, Kanye West and his wife, reality-TV personality, Kim Kardashian confirmed the sex of their unborn child. As it turns out, they expectant couple will be welcoming their first son into the world, this according to Yahoo News.

Precious moments like this when we were traveling on tour with you are what I live for. You're such a good daddy to North & yo will be the best daddy to our new son too!

With over 36 million Instagram followers, Kim K. shared the above caption which accompanied a photo of her husband, Kanye holding their daughter North, which seems to have been taken in a hotel room. Earlier this month, on an episode of 'Keeping Up With The Kardasians,' the highly-accomplished couple detailed their desire to have more children and their struggle to conceive.

It looks as though their prayers have been answered. Congrats go out to both Kim and Kanye. Check out the photo of Kanye and North. What do you think they'll name their little boy?

Kanye and North

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Marvel To Feature Black-Puerto Rican Character Miles Morales As New Spider-Man

Marvel is set to relaunch the Spider-Man comic book series this fall, and a new face will be behind the iconic mask. The New York Daily News

reports half-Black, half-Puerto Rican Miles Morales will replace Peter Parker as Spidey.

[ALSO READ: Birdman's On The Cover Of Marvel Comics 'The Amazing Spiderman']

"Many kids of color who when they were playing superheroes with their friends, their friends wouldn't let them be Batman or Superman because they don't look like those heroes but they could be Spider-Man because anyone could be under that mask," writer and co-creator Brian Bendis expressed to the Daily News. "But now it's true. It's meant a great deal to a great many people."

Morales originally appeared in 2011 as the popular alternate version of the web slinger in Ultimate Spider-Man, but the biracial character will now be the protagonist in the comic's main titles.

"Our message has to be it's not Spider-Man with an asterisk, it's the real Spider-Man for kids of color, for adults of color and everybody else," added Bendis.

Actor/rapper Donald "Childish Gambino" Glover was selected to voice Miles Morales on Disney XD's Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors. The former star of Community lobbied for years to play Spider-Man on the big screen. However, fans should not expect Miles to appear in the blockbuster movie franchise in the near future.

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Victims Address The Charleston Shooter During His Bond Hearing! "I Forgive You"

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Big Sean Feat. Kanye West & John Legend - One Man Can Change The World (Official

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"Empire" Actress Taraji P. Henson Hospitalized For Exhaustion

Taraji P. Henson is doing "fine" according to her representatives and a posting she made on Instagram.

Taraji P. Henson's television persona is one of a strong personality and a hard worker.

Known as Cookie on the FOX show Empire, Henson recently posted on Instagram that she was being hospitalized for exhaustion Friday (June 19).

"God has a way of saying 'you're doing too much!' 'SAT DOWN SOMEWHERE'." She said via the social media post yesterday. "I'm listening Father!!! I am taking several seats!!! Don't worry y'all I'm a tough cookie! HA! I will be just fine. My momma and best friends are flying in to check on me. I AM FINE!!!!!!! Just need to SAT ALL THE WAY DOWN for a bit. #listentoyourbody." Taraji's team followed up with ABC by reiterating that she's "going to be fine."

Empire is still slated to premiere its second season on September 23, as scheduled.

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Wiz Khalifa Mourns Uncle's Murder; Two Plead Guilty To Crime

A third man has charges of murder withdrawn.

Wiz Khalifa's uncle, identified as 20-year-old Imani Porter, was reportedly shot and killed in his car while at the Waterfront shopping center in Pittsburgh Wednesday (January 8), according to WTAE, an ABC affiliate in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Porter was reportedly shot in the head and died after being taken to UPMC Mercy.

Authorities released a statement regarding the murder.

"Through the course of the investigation we determined that the victim was seated in the front seat of a Chevrolet Impala when he was shot," police said in a statement to WTAE. "Two black males were seen fleeing the Impala and leaving the area in what was described as a white Pontiac, possibly a Bonneville. Suspected narcotics were found in and around the Impala possibly indicting that robbery was the motive for the shooting."

Wiz Khalifa mourned his uncle's murder with the following Twitter post.

HipHopDX would like to extend condolences to Porter's friends and family.

RELATED: Wiz Khalifa Says Rap & Religion Should Be Separate

(January 9, 2014)

UPDATE: Two men pleaded guilty in the death of Imani Porter earlier this month, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Porter is Wiz Khalifa's uncle.

Michael Wolford, 21, will serve 30 to 60 years in prison after pleading guilty June 12 to third-degree murder, robbery, conspiracy to commit robbery and a firearms violation.

Jaron Young, 19, was sentenced to 12-and-a-half to 25 years in prison after pleading guilty to third-degree murder, robbery, conspiracy to commit robbery and two firearms violations.

Young was 17 when Porter was murdered, but was tried as an adult.

Paul Sanders, 21, had homicide and robbery charges against him withdrawn.

He pleaded guilty Tuesday (June 16) to felony drug and drug-related conspiracy charges.

Sanders was not reportedly in the vehicle during the time in which the murder took place.

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Pitbull – Fun (Official Video)

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Juicy J – For Everybody (Official Video)

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Vine Comp Of The Week Part 119

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Justin Bieber & Usher Sued For $10 Million

A 2014 case against the singers has been reopened.

Justin Bieber and Usher have been sued by R&B singer De Rico, according to Reuters.

De Rico, whose given name is Devin Copeland, claims that three songs by Bieber and Usher ripped off his song "Somebody to Love."

The lawsuit is seeking $10 million in damages for copyright infringement of De Rico's "beat pattern, time signature, and similar chords and lyrics."

The original suit was dismissed by District Judge Arenda Wright Allen in 2014. The case was revisited today (June 18) by the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond, Virginia and a 3-0 vote found enough reason for the case to be reviewed.

"After listening to the Copeland song and the Bieber and Usher songs as wholes, we conclude that their choruses are similar enough and also significant enough that a reasonable jury could find the songs intrinsically similar," Circuit Judge Pamela Harris writes.

The case now returns to Judge Allen.

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Chris Brown: "I Got More Problems Than The President"

The singer says "this song went number one," referring to "Loyal."

Chris Brown had a warning for the crowd at a recent concert, telling those in attendance to watch against women, according to TMZ.

"Girls, they don't get your money," Brown says. "It's stupid. So trap niggas, thug niggas get your money. But be smart, man. Everybody be smart, man. I ain't judging nobody. I love everybody. I got more problems than the President. So can we party one last night? When I was in jail, this
song went number one."

The singer was referencing "Loyal," his collaboration with Lil Wayne and Tyga.

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President Obama Speaks On Charleston Church Shooting

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Chris Brown & Tyga – Bitches N Marijuana (Official Video)

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Man Taken Into Custody During Charleston Shooting Investigation

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State Senator Clementa Pinckney And 8 People Dead A Shooting In Historic Black C

A gunman entered into a historic African American church and killed 9 people, including pastor and South Carolina State Senator Clementa Pinckney. Pinckney was 41.

A white male with blonde hair, approximately 21 in a grey hoodie walked into the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in downtown Charleston, SC. around 9pm and opened fire on church members. There was also a bomb threat that suspended the investigation.

The shooting happened at a prayer meeting.

The gunman is still at large. The other victims were not known at the time of this writing.

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Rick Ross’ Baby Mother Destroyed Emotionally By 50 Cent’s Alleged Leak Of Se

50 Cent's lawyer claims Lastonia Leviston's "life is better" because she filed a lawsuit against the rapper.

Rick Ross' baby mother, Lastonia Leviston appeared in a New York City court earlier this week to speak on the personal damage, which resulted from rapper 50 Cent allegedly putting a sex tape featuring the woman on his website.

Leviston is currently suing 50 Cent over the release of the sex tape, which the Queens, New York lyricist says he did not make public.

According to, during her appearance in court on June 15, Leviston stated that the release of the video caused her emotional damage.

Additionally, Leviston's lawyer, Philip Freidin informed jurors that 50 Cent gained a great deal from the release of the sex tape on his website. According to Freidin, the video brought extra traffic to a site where the rapper sold merchandise, concert tickets, and music.

It was previously reported that the sex tape brought in over 3 million views on YouTube.

50 Cent's lawyer, James Renard attempted to denounce Leviston's claims in courts, stating that "Her life is better because she filed this lawsuit against Rick Ross' rival."

In addition to Leviston's lawsuit against 50 Cent, 50 is suing Rick Ross. According to the rapper, the Maybach Music Group founder is the one responsible for the sex tape leak.

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Nas Partners With NYC Chicken & Waffles Restaurant

The Queens rapper celebrated the one-year anniversary with the restaurant.

Nas is partnering with Sweet Chick, a New York City restaurant that specializes in chicken and waffles and Southern cuisine. The Queens, New York rapper attended the chain's one-year anniversary of the Lower East Side location.

"Extending the Empire! New Patnaz! NEWYORKSTATEOFMIND! Me & my Bro about to FLIP THESE BIRDS!!" Nas says on Instagram with a picture of Sweet Chick owner John Seymour.

The restaurant also has a Brooklyn location. Seymour is planning on expanding by adding a third New York restaurant and possibly reaching the West Coast, according to Hip Hop Wired.

"As we continue to grow and develop the Sweet Chick brand, we want to align with partners and artists that understand what we represent," Seymour says via press release. "When conceptualizing Sweet Chick, we understood the history of chicken and waffles and wanted to have an amazing product while paying homage to its roots within the music community of NYC. Music has played a huge part in defining who we are and with Nas (my favorite rapper) on board, it's a dream come true and we can truly move forward with a 'NY state of Mind' and introduce Sweet Chick to a bigger audience."

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2Pac Will Be Featured In N.W.A Biopic “Straight Outta Compton”?

Much of the Hip Hop world is waiting for the N.W.A movie Straight Outta Compton to hit theaters later this year. We know the film will include group members Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, Eazy-E, DJ Yella, and MC Ren (even though Ren seems to be pissed about not being featured in the movie's trailer).

And we know that actors were cast to play famous people who were around the crew like Snoop Dogg, Warren G, The D.O.C., Suge Knight, and Jimmy Iovine. But it seems Tupac Shukar will be part of the film too!

Ice Cube posted a pic of him with Pac and John Singleton on his Facebook page with the caption: "Happy Birthday to the homie Tupac. Shooting the Tupac scene for Straight Outta Compton today, the stars are aligned…"

Ice Cube FB

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Rachel Dolezal Addresses All The Controversy Surrounding Her! "I Identify As Bla

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Miguel – Coffee (Official Video)

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Machine Gun Kelly Gets Power Bombed On WWE's Monday Night Raw

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Drake & Nas Commercial For Sprite's Obey Your Verse Lyrical Collection

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Michael Jackson’s Son Blanket Changes His Name

After years of getting bullied because his name was Blanket Jackson, Michael Jackson's youngest son has undergone a name change. The 13-year-old will now go by Bigi, according to RadarOnline.

An inside source said that he changed his name before entering The Buckley School in Sherman Oaks, CA "because he hated getting bullied and made fun of because his name was Blanket."

[ALSO READ: Kendrick Lamar Played New Music For Michael Jackson's Son]

"He always thought that the name Blanket sounded so stupid and resented his father for calling him that," the insider said. "Growing up, his school mates have always been slightly mean to him because of their jealousy over who he is and going by Blanket made him a much easier target for ridicule."

The name Bigi is of German descent and means idealistic, sensitive and inspirational.

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Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran Clash Again on Instagram

When you things can't get any worse between Chris Brown and his ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran, they somehow seem to surprise us on a consist basis. Over the weekend, both Breezy and Tran had their opportunities to speak out the current status of their relationship. While Brown sounded a bit more positive about their relationship saying that he would "take it one day at a time" on On Air With Ryan Seacrest, Karrueche just wants both of them to at least be cool if they run into each other.

According to Complex, Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran seem to be at it again on Instagram after a recent Access Hollywood interview with the model was posted on theshaderoominc's account. The singer commented on the brief clip with a long paragraph about how Tran shouldn't be doing interviews about his life.

#ChrisBrown stepped into #TheShadeRoom and set it off! #Karrueche #AccessHollywood

A photo posted by The Shade Room (@theshaderoominc) on

And that's when Karrueche went off:

We'll keep you updated on how this situation plays out.

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YG Shooting Caught On Tape

YG Shooting Recorded By Security Cameras

YG's shooter has a big problem.

The attempt on the rapper's life was likely caught by security cameras, according to report by TMZ.

Still the rapper's assailant has not been identified or captured. YG's wounds – three bullets – were not life threatening. He is still recovering.

That didn't stop people like DJ Mustard sending up some prayers.

"The kid str8 but a little prayer ain't never hurt !!!!," DJ Mustard wrote.

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Lil Wayne Signs With Jay Z And He’s Very Happy!

Lil Wayne and Jay Z have sparred lyrically, but now the pair are in business – in some way or another

At KMEL's Summer Jam in the Bay, Lil Wayne told the crowd. "I just signed a deal with my motherf**king idol, Jay Z."

The only thing: Wayne didn't say what the deal comprised of. The general thought is that he either signed to Roc Nation management or Jay Z's Tidal streaming service.

Wayne recently release a new track, "Glory," through Tidal.

He has also been stuck in a legal snafu with Cash Money Records, his recording home since he started as an artist.

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NAACP Releases Statement Supporting Rachel Dolezal

The NAACP has released a statement addressing the uproar surrounding Rachel Dolezal, the president of the Spokane, WA NAACP chapter who has been identifying as black but is actually a white woman. In their statement, they are offering support to Dolezal and standing by her.

Baltimore, MD – For 106 years, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People has held a long and proud tradition of receiving support from people of all faiths, races, colors and creeds. NAACP Spokane Washington Branch President Rachel Dolezal is enduring a legal issue with her family, and we respect her privacy in this matter. One's racial identity is not a qualifying criteria or disqualifying standard for NAACP leadership. The NAACP Alaska-Oregon-Washington State Conference stands behind Ms. Dolezal's advocacy record. In every corner of this country, the NAACP remains committed to securing political, educational, and economic justice for all people, and we encourage Americans of all stripes to become members and serve as leaders in our organization.

Hate language sent through mail and social media along with credible threats continue to be a serious issue for our units in the Pacific Northwest and across the nation. We take all threats seriously and encourage the FBI and the Department of Justice to fully investigate each occurrence.

Dolezal's parents, Ruthanne and Larry, revealed to the media that they are white and so is their daughter. In an interview with the Spokesman-Review, they said that she had been pretending to be a black woman since 2006 or 2007.

[ALSO READ: NAACP Leader Has Been Pretending To Be Black When She Is Actually White]

Dolezal is currently under investigation to determine whether she violated a code of ethics when she identified herself as white, black and American Indian on an application for the citizen police ombudsman commission, which she is the chair of.

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Kanye West & Tyga Working On Kylie Jenner's Debut Album

A source says her album is, "Tinashe-type music."

Kylie Jenner has been taking voice lessons and is recording an album, US Weekly reports.

The socialite is supposedly enlisting her boyfriend, Tyga, to handle production and is also consulting Kanye West, who is married to her sister Kim Kardashian.

Jenner has showcased her singing on social media, performing her rendition of DJ Khaled's "How Many Things" on Snapchat.

The website cites two anonymous sources with the information. One says Tyga is also helping the 17-year-old write lyrics.

"It's very Tinashe-type music," the source says.

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Bow Wow Compares Himself To Jay Z

Bow Wow also explains his Cash Money Records departure.

Bow Wow left Cash Money after six years without releasing his Underrated album. He says that he didn't realize how much time was going by while he was there given his work hosting 106 & Park, among other things.

"I had so many other things going on [besides music]," the rapper says to XXL. "Then 106 comes and I do that for two years. I was making so much money outside of rap that I was so comfortable, I wasn't even checking for music like that. I never even blew up the label's phone like, 'Yo, what's going on?' I never once tripped because I was cool. I was fortunate to have so many hustles that not doing one wasn't hurting me. The only thing that was hurting me was the fact that my fans would want music or I wanted to put out stuff. It was a situation that I wished worked out for the best, because any situation that I do, I want it to work. Anything you do in business, you want it to win."

He says that there was never any bad blood between him and the label.

"I had a great time over there," he says. "I had a chance to learn a lot from everybody. I'm still cool with them to this day. I have no problem with nobody over there. I'm just a non-confrontational dude. I just did my business the cool way and the respectable way because you never know when you might need somebody."

The multi-talented businessman also explains his name change. A year ago, he announced on Instagram that he was changing his stage name from Bow Wow to his given name, Shad Moss. He tells the magazine that he made the announcement because he is now known for more than music.

"I had to go to this CBS event and it was like, I can't come as Bow Wow," he says. "There's a different level of shit. As an actor, I'm standing next to Patricia Arquette—who's now an Oscar Award winner—and I have to align myself in this elite class. It's no different than when Jay Z goes as Shawn Carter when he's suited up handling other business."

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Iggy Azalea Is Expecting First Child With Nick Young

After Iggy Azalea

shared the news that she had to cancel her world tour, it has now been reported that the newly engaged rapper is allegedly expecting her first child with fiance Nick Young. Rumor has it that the real reason for the tour cancellation and engagement is because Iggy is pregnant.

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50 Cent’s “Power” Sets New Starz Record

Fans of the hit Starz

program Power can rejoice. The Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson produced series will be back for a third season. According to Variety, the network has ordered ten more episodes.

[ALSO READ: 50 Cent's "Power" Season 2 Trailer Hits The Net (VIDEO)]

The drug dealer/businessman drama returned this past weekend. The season two premiere was the most-watched episode of an original series in the history of the Starz channel.

1.43 million viewers watched the show at the time it aired, and a total of 3.62 million people are calculated to have seen the "Consequences" episode at some time the first day.

"Power is a project I have been passionate about since day one," stated 50 Cent. "I am glad the audience loves the show as much as we do, and we are just getting started."

50 stars on Power along with lead actors Omari Hardwick, Naturi Naughton, Lela Loren, and Joseph Sikora. Created by Courtney Kemp Agboh, Power also features Alani "La La" Anthony, Sinqua Walls, and Luis Antonio Ramos.

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Vine Comp Of The Week Part 118!

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An Off-Duty Cop Sues The Game For $12 Million

The off-duty LAPD cop that The Game punched during a game of basketball in March has filed a $12 million lawsuit against him, TMZ reports.

The officer, Onyebuchi Awaji, is suing the left coast rapper for damages that include physical and emotional pain, medical expenses and punitive damages. Awaji reportedly wants $1 million for pain and suffering, another million for emotional distress, $50,000 for current medical expenses and $100,000 for future medical expenses, and $10 million for punitive damages.

[ALSO READ: The Game Arrested For Punching Los Angeles Cop]

The lawsuit was filed back in April. Instead of responding to the lawsuit, Game turned himself into the police on June 8th. He was charged with suspicion of making criminal threats and was relelased on $50,000 bail.

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Master P Announces Family Reality Show, ‘Master P’s Family Empire’

Master P is looking to bring more positivity to reality television. According to the Associated Press, the hip-hop mogul is bringing his family to the small screen for Master P's Family Empire, a reality show that will follow him as he juggles working and raising his five children, aged 10 to 25.

"We're about to make it cool to watch good, positive, family TV," the No Limit CEO told AP. "The Kardashians are entertaining, but what we're doing is positive entertainment, which is supposed to not be cool. With my family, we're going to make it cool, because we've been cool our whole lives."

While Master P raises his youngest two sons, Mercy, 12, and Hercy, 10, he is also offering guidance to his oldest children as they navigate the entertainment industry. Romeo, 25, is juggling acting gigs and music, 22-year-old Veno is a model and 18-year-old Cymphonique is best know for starring on Nickelodeon's How to Rock and is trying to break into the music industry.

The show is set to premiere in November 2015 via the Reelz Channel.

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Rick Ross Arrested In Atlanta

The rapper was pulled over in his Bentley.

Rick Ross was reportedly arrested today (June 10) in Atlanta for a marijuana related incident, according to WSB-TV.

The MMG rapper was pulled over in his Bentley because his windows appeared illegally tinted. When he rolled down the windows to speak with the officer, the policeman said he smelled weed and then found marijuana in the car.

At the time of the article's publication, Ross was being processed into Georgia's Fayette County Jail.

The rapper was also arrested for marijuana related incidents in 2011 and 2013.

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50 Cent's "Power" Granted Third Season

The show's second season premiere set a Starz record.

50 Cent's television program Power has been renewed for another season, according to Variety. There are 10 episodes of the drama slated for the third season.

50 Cent serves as the executive producer for the show and also co-stars alongside Courtney Kemp Agboh.

"Power is a project I have been passionate about since day one," says the rapper. "I am glad the audience loves the show as much as we do, and we are just getting started."

The show is set in 50's home state of New York and focuses on the life of a night club owner who doubles as a drug kingpin.

The season two premiere set a Starz record as the most-watched episode of an original series.

50 Cent said that Power is better than Empire and also compared his show to the movie Get Rich or Die Tryin', in which he starred.

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Nicki Minaj Suggests Ex-Boyfriend Safaree Samuels End His “Pity Party”

Nicki Minaj reacts to ex Safaree Samuels' "Love The Most" record, via Twitter.

Earlier this week, Queens, New York rapper Nicki Minaj issued somewhat of a response to her ex, Safaree Samuels' new record, "Love The Most."

On the song, Samuels touches on his past relationship with Minaj, who is now dating fellow artist Meek Mill, and questions why he was always in the shadows during their relationship.

On "Love The Most," he raps: "What a shame it took a split for them to know I was your man / Got so tired of hiding and head high with no pride in it / Guess I wasn't cool enough 'cause in our pictures be hidin' it."

In her series of tweets, Minaj never mentioned Samuels by name, but did reference being cheated on and recalled taking "a person with me to fame & fortune." She then suggests that the person she's referring to end their pity party and "just live your life."

The couple broke up late last year after what was reportedly a 12-year long relationship.

Screen captures of Nicki Minaj's tweets can be found below (via The Fader).

Nicki Safaree 2
Nicki Safaree 3
Nicki Safaree
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Chris Brown Talks Fatherhood, His Breakup With Karrueche And More (AUDIO)

While seemingly enjoying fatherhood to his daughter Royalty, Chris Brown has been having a rough time coping with his breakup from his ex-girlfriend of five years, Karrueche Tran. He recently stopped by the On Air With Ryan Seacrest show to talk about the emotional rollercoaster he's been on since finding out he was a father and losing his love.

When discussing moving on from Tran, the "Love More" singer said he is taking it "one day at a time."

"I can't promise anything and I can't jump over the moon, but it takes time for all wounds [to heal]. I take full responsibility for my actions and things that I've done in the past…"Of course I still love her, but mentally right now, I think everything takes time. I just need to focus on being the best father I can be."

The 26-year-old said that ever since he found out he was a father, he has matured more so he could take on this major responsibility.

"I think this was just a blessing in disguise with my daughter because I get a chance to look at her and teach her the right path and also be a father in my daughter's life. Just to see a smile on her face — just to see the littlest things — is emotional for me, so I just love that aspect of being able to be a father now."

Listen to the interview below to also hear him chat about new music and working with Jamie Foxx..

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Guillermo At NBA Finals Media Day 2015!

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Vic Mensa Feat. Kanye West - U Mad (Official Video)

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Macklemore & Fiancee Welcome First Child

Macklemore and his soon-to-be wife Tricia Davis have brought a new life in the world.

The rapper may have not even wanted the news to be out and about, but his neighbor made the reveal anyway on instagram.

Cooper Clark posted a photo captioned:"Look who we just met! Congrats on your new baby!!!!"

They reportedly have a girl.
MAcklemore baby

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Chris Brown Was Tricked Into Going After Karrueche At The Club?

Chris Brown once again became the butt of many social media jokes after pics/video surfaced on him confronting ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran outside an L.A. nightspot. The R&B singer was even seen banging and yelling at Karrueche's door around 3:30 in the morning. The whole thing made CB look like an obsessive ex that didn't know when to let go.

TMZ got word that Chris was supposedly just acting on advice from mutual friends that told him Karrueche was looking to get back together. But it seems it was all a lie. The site reports:

Fact is, Karrueche never told anyone she wants back with Chris. According to our sources, she and Chris figured out the next day that they'd been had. We're told they're cutting off the so-called "friends" behind the conspiracy.

Maybe the two can finally move on. We'll see.

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The Game Arrested For Punching Los Angeles Cop

The Game was arrested for punching an off-duty LAPD police officer earlier this year in March.

The rapper turned himself in to authorities in the afternoon and was released a couple hours after posting $50,000 bail.

The 35-year-old Compton native was booked on suspicion of felony criminal threats, according to the Los Angeles Times.

In March, The Game and and others were playing a pick-up game of basketball when a fracas broke out. A video posted on YouTube chronicled the incident, which prompted law enforcement to press charges.

The Game didn't have a comment at press time, but he did post some images to his Instagram.
Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 11.21.01 PM

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 11.20.52 PM

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Wale – The Matrimony (feat. Usher)

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Did Diddy Call Out French Montana For Performing With 50 Cent?

One of the most surprising moments from last night's Hot 97 Summer Jam was seeing 50 Cent and French Montana on stage together during Chris Brown's performance. It's no secret 50 and French have been beefing for a while, so having the New York reps stand in front of that tri-state crowd would seem to be a good sign for NYC.

Except French's boss may not be too happy about it. See, 50 has been calling out Diddy for over a year, saying he can't make hot music anymore and claiming his vodka brand Effen is better than Diddy's Ciroc. Fif even suggested French and Diddy were gay.

It appears Diddy felt some type of way about French showing up with 50 at Summer Jam. He posted a message on IG that said, "Never forget who was there for you when no one else was."

RELATED: Longtime Rivals 50 Cent & French Montana Appear On Stage Together At Summer Jam (VIDEO)

Peep Diddy's IG post below.

Diddy IG

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Lil’ Kim’s Baby Daddy Calls Her A Deadbeat

Lil' Kim just can't catch a break. Despite being a highly revered female emcee, she is criticized year round for her image. As if it wasn't bad enough coming from the fans, the father of her child is at it again. This time Mr. Papers has called Lil' Kim a deadbeat mom. Ouch. Are we the only ones that still wonder how Lil' Kim ended up with Mr. Papers, and had a child with him?

Screen shot 2015-06-08 at 10.14.50 AM

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Police Called To Karrueche Tran's House Due To Chris Brown

The former couple's meeting reportedly leads to a late-night confrontation.

Chris Brown reportedly tried to reunite with former girlfriend Karrueche Tran in Hollywood yesterday (June 4), but the encounter also led to the police pulling up outside her house.

"A police car pulled up outside Karrueche's house early this morning while Chris was there," TMZ reports. "Law enforcement sources tell us someone called cops to complain about the noise Chris and co. were making at her door. We're told officers spoke to Chris and Karrueche, but there was no evidence of a crime ... so no tickets, no arrests."

The pair was seen at the Playhouse nightclub. Chris Brown got the V.I.P. table next to Tran, much to the displeasure of the model.

"We're told KT was PISSED and left the club ... and Brown followed ... eventually weaseling his way into her SUV," TMZ reports. "Our sources connected to Karrueche say KT did NOT want him inside -- and dropped him off with his friends a short time later."

Chris Brown later went to her house at three in the morning, and she agreed to meet him at a diner.

"Once inside, we're told they began to argue and it escalated into a full-blown shouting match," TMZ says. "Eventually, Karrueche left the restaurant and returned home -- without Chris."

Tran dumped Brown in March when news broke that the singer had a baby born to another woman.

"[I feel hurt] because of what he's done," Tran said during a March interview. "[I feel hurt] because the man I loved hurt me and betrayed me. I also feel like I let myself down."

In late May, Chris Brown threatened Tran via social media over her photos with Tyson Beckford.

They are not reportedly getting back together.

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Mean Tweets NBA Edition #3

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Vine Comp Of The Week Part 117!

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Family Beats 13-Year-Old Girl To Cause A Miscarriage! (After Being Raped By Rela

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Frank Ocean Engaged….To A Woman?

Twitter was ablaze last night with rumors swirling that Frank Ocean is not only engaged, but the

woman he is allegedly engaged to is also pregnant with his child. Although the singer is openly bisexual, we definitely don't believe this one is true.

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Chris Brown Disrespects Flight Attendant?

Oh Breezy! Chris Brown is back in the spotlight for allegedly doing something else crazy. Allegedly, his ill temper caused him to get into an altercation with a flight attendant. Apparently the singer was asked

to stop smoking, and he replied saying he paid $60,000 for the jet, so he owns it and everyone inside. Allegedly, Chris blew smoke in the flight attendant's face and told her she was too old to be on his jet because he likes his help to be peopled he'd actually have sex with. Wow. Brown's rep says the story is completely false.

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Suge Knight, Ice Cube And Dr. Dre Hit With Wrongful Death Lawsuit

The family of Terry Carter has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Suge Knight, Dr. Dre and Ice Cube, TMZ reports. Carter's wife and children filed the lawsuit claiming that Cube and Dre hired gang-affiliated security for protection while filming in rough L.A neighborhoods.

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In the suit, the Carter family claims that some of those gang members started a fight and threatened Knight, which led to him retaliating and coming through the Tam's Burger's parking lot, killing Carter. Tam's Burgers is named in the lawsuit as well due to the family feeling that since criminal activity occurs there regularly that there should have been security on the premises.

Knight, who is facing murder and hit-and-run charges in Carter's death, is due back in court on July 7th .

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Suspect In Lil’ Wayne Tour Bus Shooting Arrested

The man accused of shooting at Lil' Wayne's tour bus last month has been arrested by Atlanta police, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reports.

James Carlton Winfrey surrendered on June 2nd and is now facing charges including criminal gang activity, terroristic threats, aggravated assault, possession of a firearm by a felon, discharging a firearm on or near a public highway and reckless conduct. On the warrant that was issued last week for Winfrey's arrest, it stated that he shot at the tour bus "in order to gain status in his criminal organization by committing a high profile shooting of a rival rap artist." Winfrey is reportedly affiliated with the Bloods gang.

The 25-year-old fired shots at two tour buses as they traveled along I-285 on April 26th after Weezy performed at Atlanta's Compound night club. The shooting caused $20,000 in damages. No one was injured.

Winfrey was already on probation after being convicted of drug possession in Florida last October. He is being held without bail.

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BET Freelancer Dies After Getting Butt Injections In Queens Basement

Kelly Mayhew traveled from Maryland to New York in order to get black market body enhancements. The 34-year-old BET Network freelancer ended up losing her life after receiving butt injections in a "makeshift medical clinic" located in a Queens basement apartment.

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The New York Daily News reports Mayhew and her mother visited the location where the unlicensed medical procedure was performed. The mother told police Mayhew started struggling to breathe after the silicone was injected into her buttocks. She later died at St. John's Episcopal Hospital.

Mayhew reportedly received five previous injections, and she was referred to the Queens illegal practitioner by a friend. Sources claim the dubious surgeon did not live at the residence where the injections were taking place, but a nurse's aide had resided at the apartment at one time.

"Some of [the women] had weird butts. I knew something was going on but I couldn't put my finger on it," said Joan Doyle, the owner of the house.

A spokesperson for New York City's medical examiner's office has stated Mayhew's initial autopsy was inconclusive, but the ME is conducting further studies. Police are investigating Mayhew's death.

The suspect that performed the injections fled the scene. The person that supposedly connected Mayhew to the "doctor" has since erased her social media accounts, according to Daily News sources.

"Our heart goes out to her family and we extend our deepest sympathies for their loss," said BET spokesman Jamie Owens in a statement.

Mayhew is not the first woman to die after getting butt injections. Tamara Blaine died in NYC in 2013, and Wykesha Reid died in Dallas earlier this year.

Butt augmentation has become a very popular procedure in recent years. Several female celebrities have been suspected of having the surgery done.

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Tracy Morgan's First Interview Since Fatal Car Crash!

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Lauren London On ‘ATL 2′: ‘It’s Not Definitely In The Works’

After T.I gave us hope that there was a ATL sequel on the way back in March, Lauren London has cautioned fans not to get too excited.

"It's not definitely in the works," she told The YBF. "I don't want to be the spokesperson for it. I don't want people take my word for it. So, no. Right now it is a concept and there's a lot of possibilities with that."

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T.I uploaded flicks via IG earlier this year of he and London, Jason Weaver, Jackie Long, Albert Daniels and director Chris Robinson all on set the movie. The "No Mediocre" rapper went on to say in an interview that all the cast members were returning.

"Nobody's saying 'No, I'm not doing it,' regardless of any success they've assumed afterwards or how many other projects they have to work on," Tip said. "Everybody's coming back."

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Doctor Says Kanye West’s Cousin Is Responsible For His Mother’s Death

The doctor who was blamed for Kanye West's mother's death is hoping that his name can finally be cleared. Dr. Jan Adams said that it was in fact West's cousin, Stephan Scoggins, whose negligence once Dr. Donda West left the hospital led to her death, according to the New York Daily News.

"Most people that I run into think she died on the table, they don't even know this lady was home for a day," Adams told the News. "The truth hasn't been revealed."

Adams said that Scoggins, a registered nurse with a Ph.D in public health, cared for Dr. West after she left the hospital after her liposuction, breast reduction and tummy-tuck surgery, even though Adams recommended that she receive care at a private recovery center.

Adams claimed that Scoggins left Dr. West with friends who were not qualified to take care of her, did not hook up the patient monitors in her bedroom and did not answer calls when Dr. West needed to be tended to.

Dr. West was also took 20 Vicodins for pain and choked on her own vomit after laying flat in her bed. She died on Nov. 10th, 2007 and the coroner's report stated that medication used for pain and vomit were contributing factors to her death.

When confronted about the allegations, Scoggins told the Daily News that "it is absolutely not the case."

Kanye West has not commented on any of these claims.

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Iggy Azalea Is Engaged To Boyfriend Nick Young

Iggy Azalea is going to be getting married.

The rapper was engaged to her longtime boyfriend Nick "Swaggy P" Young at his 30th birthday party on June 1.

The couple were surrounded by her closest friends and family, according to reports.

"It was a beautiful celebration for Nick with only his close friends and family," a source told E! News. "Nick completely surprised Iggy with the proposal. She was shocked and so excited and emotional at the same time.

"Nick has known for a long time Iggy was the one for him, but he was just waiting on the perfect time to pop the question," the source adds. "They both have gotten very close these passed few months and he can't think of anyone else to spend his life with but her. One of the most important things about Iggy is the way she is to his son."

Recently, Iggy called off a tour of the United States. This certainly allows her to focus on her personal life.

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Second Trailer For The N.W.A Biopic “Straight Outta Compton” Released (VIDEO

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Drake Reportedly In Talks With Apple For $19 Million Deal To DJ iTunes Radio

First there was speculation Kanye West was partnering with Apple to launch the exclusive release of his next album Swish. Now there is talk that Drake could be signing on with the tech giant as well.

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The New York Post reports Drizzy is speaking with Apple about joining the company as a guest DJ for iTunes Radio. The number of $19 million has apparently been thrown around during the discussions. Sources claim Pharrell Williams and David Guetta are possible partners as well.

According to the Post, Apple is also looking to one up its music streaming competitors by combining elements of Pandora, Spotify and YouTube. The new Apple Music roll out could include music and video streaming, artists' pages, and a post-it-yourself platform called Apple Connect.

Apple jumped head first into the "streaming wars" when the corporation purchased Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine's Beats Electronics for $3 billion last year. The buyout brought the streaming service Beats Music under the Apple umbrella.

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Lil Wayne Attempts To Go After Ref During Celebrity Basketball Game (VIDEO)

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Kanye West Expecting Second Child With Kim Kardashian

Kanye and Kim welcomed their first child, North, in 2013.

Kanye and Kim Kardashian West are expecting their second child, according to E! online.

The family decided to break the news during a teaser for an upcoming episode of the E! reality series "Keeping Up With the Kardashians."

A beaming Kim K. tells her sister, Khloe, "I just got the blood test back, and I am pregnant."

Kardashian is also shown on a hospital bed, looking at an ultrasound during a doctor's appointment.

Kanye and Kim welcomed their first child, North, in 2013. The couple announced Kim's pregnancy during a 2012 New Years Eve celebration in Atlantic City, New Jersey. North will turn two-years-old on June 15.

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