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Is Drake Taking a Shot at Memphis?s Don Trip?

Now I don’t want to sound like an instigator, BUT it sounds like to me that Drake took a shot at Memphis’s own Don Trip, who has the hit song entitled “Letter To My Son.”

A couple of months back, Don Trip was on set of DJ Khaled’s ‘I’m On One” video shoot on the same day he recorded his own YouTube video for his freestyle of “I’m On One.” One of Don Trip’s most noticeable lines on the record was ” I bet I can sell paint/While it’s drying.” Now, notice on Drake’s song “Over My Dead Body,” he says, “Man all of your flows/ Bore me like paint drying/ And I don’t never be TRIPPIN/ Off of what ain’t mine.”

We all know Drake’s family roots can be traced back to Memphis from his father. Don Trip, being from Memphis, has been spending a lot of time in Drake’s new adopted city Miami because he signed to Cool-n-Dre’s new label. Who knows the relationship between Don Trip and Drake, if any at all, but there were definitely shots taken if you pay attention. Here’s a link below of Don Trip’s “I’m On One” freestyle:

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11/19/2011 6:36PM
Is Drake Taking a Shot at Memphis’s Don Trip?
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12/06/2011 1:08PM
took sum yep its real Don trip
06/09/2012 10:41AM
did don trip take a shot first
in don trips I'm on one he says "i might just pay drake to come and sing this song for me" then later he comes in in his weezy voice and in the video he laughs about it. Is he dissin drake or is he dissin ymcmb.
06/09/2012 10:55AM
did he shoot first^^^^^^^^
in drakes song over my dead body drake said "shots came I don't know where they were sent from"
08/05/2012 7:58PM
This is not a freestyle...
He is clearly reading the words off the iPad in his hand....
08/07/2012 5:35AM
just listen
This Don Trip guy is tight just face it, the dude has lyrics. so no matter what he should make it in this music industry . might be working with Ross, T.I. or Jeezy yall just never know
08/15/2012 12:10PM
In fact, Trip was saying Drake would do well singing this song while making reference to his ability to pay Drake's high fees. Furthermore, Trip doesn't use "his Wayne voice". He uses HIS voice. He's used the same voice he's always used. Watch, this man wants it and he ain't stoppin 'till he gets it...
08/14/2015 10:26AM
It is a freestyle
People dont seem to comprehend that you don't have to come off the top for it to be a freestyle. Of it doesn't have a chorus, then it's a freestyle. #38118
10/14/2015 9:57AM
man drakes pu**y a** gone fu*k round n get fuc*ed up trip aint no meek mill
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