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I need to check into rehab...Technology is my disease

I've read my horoscope for the month, clipped coupons, cleaned out my work bag , planned what seeds I'll plant this month,  and the veggies I need to harvest this week , what I'll do with them , and still time to write my blog!  Only because my laptop crashed!!!

 Ugghhhhh I feel naked,  like I'm walking blind in traffic, like my right arm was cut off!  How did I get here, when did I get so dependent on this contraption.  It's only a few  years old, and here I sit feeling like I can't live without it!  Same thing with my cell phone.  The other day I was 5 miles or so away from my house(on the high way for sure) and turned around because I'd left my cell phone.   8 years ago when I got my cell I swore I wouldn't be a slave to it, and it's the reason why I waited so long to get one.  Now I'm a fiend!  For all things electronic, my navigational system, my cell, my scanner, my home PC, my laptop, my nano...  

Although I've lived the majority of my life without these things, they are now items I CANNOT do without.  This is not good.  These are things that dummy me down.  I remember in high school I knew all my friends phone numbers by heart.  Now I know about 5  and that's including my home and cell number, so I really only know 3!  Before my Garmin and maps online , I'd buy a map, and hit the road, now I panic if I'm gong across town without my navi!   It makes me ill that I am SOOO dependent on these electrodes!!  I need help, and so do ALOT of  others, texting while driving although guilty of this,  IT IS INSANE!! , calling people back to back when  you don't answer your cell or voicemail( I don't do this!)  people now a days want to reach you immediately or there feeling some type of way!!! Remember the good ole days of leaving a message and waiting for someone to call you back (if the answering party remembered to deliver your message.)   

I say all this to say technology has me spoiled and dummied down!  Although I LOVE the convenience of all these things, I long for the simple times of life!  So wish me luck as I work on beating my addiction!!

08/05/2009 10:17AM
I need to check into rehab...Technology is my disease
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01/24/2010 2:10AM
You've obviously spent some time on this. Well done!
08/01/2010 3:20PM
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