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I remember 9/11 it was on a cool Tuesday morning when some  may say "Was our defining moment for all". The Towers where down, the Pentagon was hit,and America was wounded. That tuesday and many days afterwards our world stopped. Never to be what it was again but also never to let those cowards who attacked our brothers, our sisters, and our children who perished on those planes, towers, and buldings to ever be forgotten. We learned so much of ourselves that day as a community, as a person and as a nation. There were no color lines,  no gender bias, no Democrat or Republican,  just fellow man reaching out and taking of each other. On that day this country was trully the "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" . Yes we was once united for the world to see. For those who co-sign these cowards for what they did saying it was for a cause you damned your cause and to "HELL WITH YA " . Because I will always "REMEMBER 9/11"

09/10/2009 2:02PM
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06/25/2011 4:31AM
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