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I'm getting started!

This weekend I had the energy to get my garden going! Unfortunately the rain wouldn't stop, so I did what I could, meanwhile this week is all about getting things started.

Here is where most of the MAGIC will happen.... My main garden!

Still a bit of weeding to do here. If all goes well with my garden layout so far this is the future home of squash, celery & okra
Here's my kale that's been growing since Fall, I'm going to move it to the main garden and see what happens!
Seedling bed with Leeks and Kale (both growing since the fall My herbs did well through the winter! Time to separate and plant elsewhere to make the main
garden pest free and hopefully 100% organic!





My Compost!! It's coming back to life with the warmth!

This year I'm going to shorten the compost timbers and stack them higher. This should help the airflow

Future Pumpkin & Melon Patch
I read that the perfect place to grow pumpkins and melons was next to the compost.

Future lettuce bed

Got plenty of work to do on my side bed for flowers and garlic!

My sickly seedlings, tomatoes, peppers, cabbage & eggplant .I'm not sure they'll make it :/
(shouts out to my garden buddy Crystal for my little babies, sorry if I killed em:)
So here it is the beginning of Garden 2009! I'm very excited and ready to try all the things I lacked knowledge of last year. Fresh, tasty, free food that I helped create. Gardening is one of the ONLY things in life you get to benefit from the hard (but relaxing) work you put in and you only have to wait a few months for your reward. My wish is to encourage more people to live natural and green. If we all cared enough to have a garden our earth wouldn't be so sick :( , and we'd all be healthier with sharper minds. So join me in Delyteful Gardning 2009!!! It's a great workout, it's relaxing and your getting FREE FOOD, it's a win win! Share your experiences, would love to see your success stories! Peace

03/30/2009 8:52AM
I'm getting started!
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