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How Caught Up Are You in Social Networking?

OK so just like the next guy I have a face book and (a greatly neglected) my space page, for different reasons.  My space so I can have a small but somewhat personal connection to  those who enjoy me as a on air  personality.  Although it seems that my space has really turned into a way for everyone to promote there music I won't get rid of the page.  I rarely get real messages anymore,   but it's there in case someone gets a hankering to holla at me.  Now Face book I absolutely LOVE! I have 113 REAL friends like personally I know these people.  Having lived in 6 different states and traveled all over including,  foreign countries, I think its neat I can now keep in touch with the many colorful people that have crossed my path in life.   Some friendships will never be more then hi,  bye and  comment on there status when I'm moved.  But in other cases like my best friends from Jr High and High School Antoinette and Le Le I'm excited seeing them online and chatting like we haven't been separated for decades!   But in the lovely world of Face book exists invitations, and request, people sending drinks and snacks I can't consume (what good is that?) Asking me to join silly groups,(for what do I get a hotel discount) not to mention the games and virtual worlds  that exist.  I've found that some peopled are into those something SERIOUS. sorlife

 I can barley handle the life I have in the real world I can't imagine joining another world where nothing is real!    I won't even check it out in fear of being sucked in like I was with the Atlanta Housewives and Tiny & Toya! ( 2 shameful pleasures I have).  So how caught up are you?  Do you have a whole other life in the social networking circuit?  Have you created another life for yourself that you prefer more then the real thing?    However you enjoy just be careful and don't believe all the hype because some of it is JUST virtual! PEACE!  Enjoy your Holiday!

09/04/2009 10:46AM
How Caught Up Are You in Social Networking?
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