B-Daht was born in St. Louis, MO. By the age of 11, he and his mom had relocated to four different cities and six different schools before settling in Greensboro, where he attended Mendenhall Middle School and graduated from Grimsley High. He worked at Sears Credit Central, McDonald’s, Sonic Drive-... Read More

Big Mo

Big Mo grew up in Queens, New York. He played Aggie football while attending North Carolina A&T and worked at WNAA radio on campus. He loved it, especially meeting lots of people and some major artists. It was there that he met up with Terrance J, who kept stressing him to give an "air check"... Read More

Do-It-All Willis

AJ "Do-It-All" Willis lived in New York City before relocating to Atlanta where he completed high school. His mother's an actress, director and producer who took AJ almost everywhere she went to perform, direct and teach. When he was eight, he was asked to make the opening speech for The... Read More


Osama Bin Drankins grew up in Charlotte. He's been doing stand up comedy and hosting shows since 2001 as an undergrad at NCA&T State University. For years, Drankins has been the Ratchet Nation President, most recently on the 3 Live Crew Morning Show. He's also the voice behind a host of... Read More


Roxie says there's nothing she loves more than her precious son JJ, but working with the 3 Live Crew is a close second! She grew up listening to 102 JAMZ every morning while getting ready for school. She says she laughed with, argued against and loved the personalities on the morning show - she... Read More


Showdown was born in the Bronx and moved to North Carolina in 1990. He wrote songs, produced music and worked as a DJ from North Carolina to Los Angeles, Kansas City, Baltimore and New York City. Showdown worked for Los Angeles' 100.3 (The Steve Harvey show) before joining 102 JAMZ. His work with... Read More