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Has Nikko Dumped Mimi?

These dudes ain’t s**t! This dude Nikko! Sike – I don’t care. But, as Mimi and son Nikko continue to make headlines (along with the shower curtain) it seems like things are already going the wrong way. First of all, Mimi has already signed on to Oprah’s OWN network to get her life “fixed” by Iyanla! It doesn’t stop there. Rumor has it, Nikko has already dumped Mimi and no longer claims her. If that’s the case, Mimi officially lost! Well, I take that back. They are saying that the porno “sex tape” has already pre-sold 400,000 units. And shower curtain rods got chicks in the hood damn near killing theirselves.

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04/24/2014 12:36AM
Has Nikko Dumped Mimi?
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05/13/2014 1:45AM
Nikko's Paid Now!
Nikko might as well dump Mimi now because he got what he wanted when she signed that contract. Her usefulness is done. And she know that he did not lose that suitcase, he set this whole thing up.
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