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BIGBOI SPEAKS OUT !!!!! Outkast Tour

So by now we've all heard about the reuion tour of the infamous hip-hop duo OUTKAST. Niether of the members spoke out until now!!!!!  1/2 of the group BigBoi says he's ready to kill it with his brother 3 stackz.


Guess How Much Lil Boosie Is Getting Per Show?

YO! I may go get arrested for something crazy so I can go to jail and come out and get some of that Li Boosie money!

I’m hearing that Boosie us getting $50K a SHOW already and he ain’t even got a current album! Where was all this love when Mystikal came home? Or what about Petey Pablo? He just came home too!

Anyway – Petey working with Timbaland so, what you know ’bout dat?

Anyway…back to Boosie! I heard Boosie gets $50k for a show and like $20K to pop a bottle in the club. So, he’s going to make a lot of money in a very short period of time.

I heard Boosie is a very different person now, even though people are worshipping him for his indiscretions. I’m getting word that he will be very, very insulated so that he does NOT go back to jail.

Oh…shout out to Marshall “Eddie” Conway of the Black Panthers. He got out the day before Boosie and did 40 years on some trumped up charges.

He is now 67. Another soldier America has stolen from the Black community.

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03/19/2014 12:37AM
Guess How Much Lil Boosie Is Getting Per Show?
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03/19/2014 3:29PM
from the city detrot puritan ave
Boosie making them bandz real nigga salute
07/01/2014 12:36PM
why would he not get 50k a show he dropped 2 Albums before he went to jail and was getting 30k before he went to jail so......
01/13/2016 6:40PM
B came from the mud. He keeps it 💯 NO CUT 🤑👍🏿
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