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Fighting Females outside of Reality TV

If you haven't seen or at least heard of the fighting showdown between Meeka and Tami on the latest episode of Basketball Wives then you must really be living under a rock. Now, in almost every reality show its  become the norm for a public fight to break out at least once during the season. Now these reckless actions are jumping from the screens of reality TV to REAL life.  Check out this video where two classless females on a subway think its ok to start throwing punches even though one of them has their young child  around. I'm sure after you finish watching this your reaction will be the same as mine...*shaking my head*......

07/26/2011 10:45AM
Fighting Females outside of Reality TV
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07/26/2011 12:02PM
Since I have made it to a wonderful life and am now happily married with a second child I think I watch it b c I want to see the same for them or at least know the two girls are going in that direction.
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