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Falsified Documents Could Help Meek Mill?s Case Against Philly Police

The actions of a Philadelphia police officer in a previous case could help rapper Meek Mill in his current lawsuit against the city.

Meek Mill filed a lawsuit against the city in January, claiming he was illegally detained by Officers Andre Boyer and Michael Vargas, under Philadelphia’s “Stop and Frisk” laws.

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The rapper, born Robert Williams, claims the October 31 arrest was illegal and caused him to lose a deposit on a private jet, as well as income from a show.

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, a 2008 report produced by an internal police investigation, Officer Andre Boyer has repeatedly falsified official documents in the past.

“It will have an effect on the case,” Meek Mill’s lawyer Dennis Cogan said. “We’re talking about institutional indifference.”

In a separate 2012 case, a Common Pleas Court judge also questioned Boyer’s understanding of the law, after he testified that he frisked everyone in every car, that he stopped, every time.

“It appears that Officer Boyer…was a victim of his own professional enthusiasm,” the investigation revealed. “In the interest of productivity (900 arrests in less than two years) he cut some clerical corners.

However, there was no showing that any of his erroneous clerical entries were created for personal gain.”

A hearing for Meek Mill’s case the slated for April 29.

Officer Andre Boyer also has a $200,000 lawsuit against the city, claiming his reputation has been damaged by the allegations that he falsified reports.

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04/14/2013 2:36PM
Falsified Documents Could Help Meek Mill’s Case Against Philly Police
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02/21/2014 5:10PM
Police department corruption and cover up after good Cop files 2 complaints of Corruption then becom
The law says innocent until proven guilty but justice is blind Ex Police officer Andre Boyer he was a whistleblower and accuse the department of corruption, racial discrimination and tampering with evidence after a federal lawsuit was filed. And was fired after he made (2) internal affairs complaint for an investigation to be conducted against a high-ranking Police lieutenant within the department. Think about it if Officer Boyer for 17 and half years on the force committed the crimes that they alleged he committed then there should have been a grand jury investigation. but there wasn't in fact Seth Williams District Attorney said he wasn't going to prosecute nor did the FBI the truth is he did nothing wrong or commit any crimes they just need to shut them up before the truth could come out.
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