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Egypt's military: Facts

-Egypt's military has produced all four presidents the country has had since a 1952 revolution led by Lt. Col. Gamal Abdel Nasser ended the monarchy, and the army remains a powerful force. -Egypt's military is among the largest in the Middle East. Older officers were trained in the Soviet Union, but younger ones studied in the west. Egypt regularly conducts joint military exercises with NATO. -U.S. aid made up for 25% of Egypt's defense spending in 2008, and the spending is for equipment of substantially U.S. manufacture and design, subject to U.S. Congress approval, according to Jane's Intelligence. The equipment cannot affect the regional balance of power by surpassing that of Israeli forces, Jane's said. -Egyptian armed forces have newer, primarily U.S.-made equipment sitting beside older Soviet equipment purchased during the Nasser and Sadat eras. Contributed by: Chris Goosby

02/11/2011 12:16PM
Egypt's military: Facts
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