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Santilly Family Movie!!! lol and my Family made a home movie to help encourage my daughter's dreams of maybe one day being an Actress. I usually dont put my whole family out there like this goes!!!! ENJOY!!!! -


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Jay Z takes a shot at Drake!!!!

Click Below to hear Jay's verse!!!!!
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LA news Crew Reacts to Earthquake! lol


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Hilarious Old Ladies read "Drunk In Love" Lyrics!!!!

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Hilarious Old Ladies read "Drunk In Love" lyrics!!!


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Drake Performs Rihanna's Stay

Fueling the rumors that the two are dating, Drake performed his own rendition of Rihanna’s “Stay” in Belgium. Check it out here: 

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T-Pain is Set for Life
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So if you havent heard by now that the rapper Boosie was released you must be living under a rock! Yesterday, there were plenty social networks and blogs discussing the release of this rapper and the excitement of mixtapes, albums, and upcoming shows. However, they weren't the only ones excited. The daughter of rapper Boosie said she told evereyone this was going to happen and the streets are about to be his! Don't believe my word for it though check out the video. 

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Are Rihanna and Drake Back Together?

It seems like Rihanna can have her cake with Chris Brown and eat it with Drake. The two, (meaning Drake and Rihanna) recently performed in Paris and things are said to have gotten a little heated on stage. They were gazing into each others eyes, making mushy love faces and smiling, and it even got as far as Rihanna grinding on Drake like he was a tree and she had an itch on her back. Some may say it was for performance purposes but I'd say its getting pretty serious. But dont take my word for it look at it for yourself!

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Robin Thicke and Paula Patton Call It Quits!!!

After nearly nine years of marriage, Robin Thicke and Paula Patton have split! You can't believe it either right?! Well, after eight years of ups and downs, both have mutually decided to cut it off. Both stated that the separation was upsetting. Thicke even cancelled his Atlanta performance so that he could jet to Canada to save his holy matrimony. However, the two couldn't clear up the blurred lines and have agreed that separating was the right decision in order to remain best friends for life. Guess we won't catch him on the next season of Real Husbands of Hollywood! 

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