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Did Don Cornelius Commit Suicide to Prevent His Ex-Wife from Getting Life Insura

Oh man, this is just sad if it’s true. Insiders are saying that Don Cornelius committed suicide so that he could try to prevent his ex-wife from cashing in on his two life insurance policies worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Don and his ex-wife Viktoria Chapman Cornelius had a very tumultuous relationship, which ended in divorce in 2009.  Don reported that he was peppered sprayed by his wife on multiple occasions and she accused him of domestic violence, which he was eventually convicted of.

In official legal docs obtained by TMZ, Don said, “I am 72 years old. I have significant health issues. I want to finalize this divorce before I die.” Unfortunately, there was a provision in his divorce settlement that says that Don must make Viktoria the beneficiary of both of his life insurance policies – totaling around $300,000 in benefits.

Under California law, if a policyholder commits suicide within two years of the time the policy is issued, the company can deny payment. But Don had the policy for more than two years, so Viktoria, the woman he despised, will get the cash. So sad.

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02/03/2012 12:29AM
Did Don Cornelius Commit Suicide to Prevent His Ex-Wife from Getting Life Insurance Money?
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02/03/2012 8:12AM
02/03/2012 6:20PM
All of these legal loophole planted in our system that endorse woman are the reasons guys are refusing to Get married anymore. There is nothing positive for a man in marraige. There is No benefit at all.
08/06/2014 10:29AM
I think it is ridiculous to say that Don Cornelius committed suicide just to prevent his wife from getting $300,000. His health was his biggest concern. I am sure the stress of the divorce made it even more difficult for him. Personally I believe that his failing health was the main reason why committed suicide and not the other way around. It is one thing to become sick, however it is another thing to be terminally ill knowing that you will not get better and that you will die from your illness. I am sure that Don Cornelius was concerned about his image, after all he spent most of his life in front of a camera. Getting a divorce only added insult to injury. His ego must have been bruised. His attractive and younger wife left him at a critical time when he needed her the most because he was vulnerable. As a man it had to bother him. In his eyes, he was losing it. As a celebrity it bothered him even more. In the public's eyes, he felt that he lost it. Don Cornelius was now the one who's face was on the other side of the camera that everyone was talking about. There are some people who fight illness and even death until the end. There are some who accept it and embrace it. And yet there are some who try to escape it. Suicide is an attempt to escape the time during a painful process. What really determines a person's response is their belief system and level of faith. Anytime we make our problem or situation bigger than God, suicide will appear to be the best solution. Yet it is not. It actually makes the grieving process worse for loved ones and friends. We will all have to die one day, without a shadow of a doubt. We must prepare ourselves spiritually. This will help us to deal with the physical, mental, and emotional challenges of life including but not limited to accidents, illness, divorce, and death of a loved one. The truth is, we cannot take our money with us. There is no point in worrying about who will get your money after you die. What is most important is that we leave a legacy of a love that is everlasting reather than fear that is crippling. Suicide is the outward expression of anxiety. Death is final for those who don't believe in God. Death is a transition for those who believe in God. You determine the final chapter. What will it say? Overcomer or deserter? Devoted or faithless? Victory or defeat? Remember the end is even more important than the beginning. Jesus is our example. When we place our lives into the hands of God, He is able to edit the final chapter of our lives based on His promises. While the world tries to offer us a false sense of security through fame and fortune, God grants us Peace. May God bless you.
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