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Posts from August 2013

Judge Joe Brown: Off Duty.....
At some point in this past week, a video surface online showing 66 year old, Judge Joe Brown in an intoxicated state in front of a group of people. The video,taken in California shows the Judge going off on a tangent and saying "I don't do THAT BS no anymore" when asked about his former job on tv!
Here's the Clip:

He had been on television for a while and never got caught up in any scandal. Why should him being a regular citizen and not being belligerent cause any kind of issue??
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A European Experience!
I'm Backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk! My Vacation was AMAZING!

Here are a few pictures just for you to understand the amazement that took place!!!

I came across this new artist who is making England go INSANE!
His name is Wretch 32. Follow him on twitter @Wretch32 and subscribe to him on YouTube: Wretch32

Let me know what you think, so we can vibe together!


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