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DMX vs. Google
How hilarious is this DMX uses the internet for the first time and it's 2012!! Come on now!!

Shout out to Power 105 For This!!
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Soulja Boy Being Sued
Soulja Boy being sued after the car crash he was in back in June. Are they really drinking double cups and smoking in the interview??? Check out the video below.
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Tamar & VInce Show
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Dying for A Big Booty
53 yr. old Mooris Garner is a transgender whose alias is "Tracey Lynn Garner" silicone injector from Mississippi who is being charged with murder after a girl's heart erupted from his injections. Below is a picture of Garner going into jail. He has been given no bond. The girl who died was from Atlanta.


So this man that is transgender "He lives and dresses as a women" has been doing butt injections on women out of a hotel and the other day it cost one women her life. There's a couple of things wrong with that firstly if someone sets an appointment with you to inject silicone in your booty why would you ever continue with that person once they said the procedure will be at a hotel and secondly did you not even think to ask well did you go to school, where are your certificates, can I speak with someone you have done this on before. My thing is if you are willing to die for an ass then die ass.
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