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Posts from July 2012

Honey Boo Boo
6 yr. old Alana Thompson from Toddlers $ Tiaras is now getting her own show called "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" and it is truly some redneck ish! Watch the promo below to see how funny this is going to be!

Check out the commercial promo!! Below!!

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Meek Mill vs. Philly Pastor
So, supposedly a Philadelphia pastor is offended by Meek Mill's song "Amen" and they went at it on live radio here's the clip below. My thing is if you are a pastor how is it that you even have knowledge of the new songs being played onthe hip hop stations and t.v. networks, so he must have been watching to know.

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Love and Hip Hop Joseline or Joseph

Joseline Hernandez from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta recently tweeted a picture of herself butt naked to prove to fans that she was not a man and in fact 100% woman. Although she clearly has the equipment to be a woman it is still hard to be sure with mmodern technology. Some fans also agree that she could have easily paid to have a little nip and tuck, so she basically exposed her body for the whole world to examine and people still don't believe her. SMH!!

Also below are some mug shots of Joseline under her real name "Shenellica Bettencourt".

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