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Willow Smith Tongue Ring?

11 yr. old Willow Smith, daugther of Will and Jada Smith, has publicly annonuced that the tongue ring she has been showing off is actually a FAKE. She tweeted "It's fake...Sorry" after her fans began to criticise her about it. Whether she is WIll Smith's daughter or Shaquan from down the street daughter she's a kid they like to try stuff, not saying I agree with everything kid's do, but I know it's to be expected for kid's to want to be creative.One of her fan's tweeted "Willow Smith is 11 and has a tongue ring. Where is her parents?" But that's the problem we don't know Will and Jada's whole life story you don't know how they were raised and what influences life had or have on them to make the decisions they make. Parenting does not come with a rule book. So, if they let their child have short hair and so many piercings she looks hellraiser that's their business. We take Hollywood to serious it's entertainment people stop getting sucked into it and worry about what your child is doing. Is your child on drugs, is you daughter still a virgin, how many A's your son got? You don't know, but you know everything Willow Smith did in her "whip my hair" video. Let it go people they call it Hollyweird for a reason.
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Rihanna Lashes Out At News Reporter

Here is Rihanna's response to an Esquire interviewer about remixes for "Birthday Cake" and Turn Up the Music" - 

“Some love it; some hate it. Some love it but hate that we did it, but the response in the end has been incredible,” Rihanna said of reactions to the songs.

“It caught me a little off-guard to be honest … especially the amount of … negative attention because it never occurred to me how this was a problem, you know. It really didn’t,” she added. “I thought people were gonna be surprised that we finally did a record together, but I didn’t see how people could think it was a bad thing, you know? In my mind, it was just music.”

The reporter pushed the topic a bit, suggesting that perhaps the song sent the wrong message.

Rihanna basically said it’s not what it’s not and is what it is. They’re not together and if they ever did get back together, that’s when those questions need to be asked.

It went further lert when the writer said it’s hard not to look at her as a victim of domestic violence.

“I know. And that’s how f-cked up society is. There’s a lot of sh-t y’all can’t get over,” Rihanna snapped. “I am never going to get caught up in that. I’m gonna look back on my life and say that I enjoyed it – and I lived it for me- and God. This is turning into a tacky interview. What do you really want to talk about? I’m not here to [talk] about messy sh-t.”

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Twin Ho's Decide to Retire

Staying true to there hustle till the END they DID!

69 year old twin sisters retire from 50 years of prostition in Amsterdam's Red Light District. 

Yes, than ran there own brothel and even set up the very first independent union for prostitutes!

Now ladies, the economy is bad but not that bad.  Put the stilettos up and pickup a book, or just chillout and listen to 102jamz or something!

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