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Dad Punished For Defending Daughter

I remember when it was okay to stand up for your kids, but I guess that was back in the day... Last week enough was enough for James Jones. His 11 year old daughter was being bullied on her way to and from school every day on the school bus. It was said that she was being pushed around and had condoms thrown on her despite her Cerebral Palsy.

All I'm sayin' is that this is ridiculous but it had to be done. Pops wasn't playing  CHECK OUT THIS LINK

Caught on tape: Dad threatens kids

I CAN'T imagine my child being picked on and me not saying anything... WHAT DO YOU MEAN?? My Father stood up for me but he never went to jail, but trust they didn't pick on me anymore. . . Kids are killing themselves and growing up mad at the world and this is why.

09/20/2010 7:25AM
Dad Punished For Defending Daughter
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10/19/2010 10:05AM
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