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DMX Not Feeling Nicki Minaj Whatsoever

The legendary rapper DMX is not one to mince his words. He tells it like it is, whether his opinion is popular or not – and I can respect that! My comrades over at caught up with the dog yesterday to chat about his new album, Undisputed, which was released on Tuesday, September 11. During the sitdown, X chatted about everything from his hatred of Drake’s voice -“he sounds like a washing machine, it’s so annoying,” – to his beef with Nicki Minaj “stealing bars.

Check out what he told us below:

“I’m not feeling Nicki Minaj’s music whatsoever,” said DMX. “This b*tch is like Waiiiiiiooooo – that’s cheating! She’s stealing two bars with one annoying sound. It’s disrespectful to the craft, and I don’t like that sh*t.”

DMX also doesn’t like Nicki’s enhanced appearance.

“She’s got a fake *ss, and she thinks she’s a barbie. Last time I checked, Barbie didn’t have a huge inflated fake *ss. She looks ridiculous!”

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09/14/2012 12:37AM
DMX Not Feeling Nicki Minaj Whatsoever
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10/26/2012 8:33PM
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