As many expected, Antonio Margarito's damaged right eye was unable to sustain a full 12 rounds of his fight against Miguel Cotto, as the fight was stopped three seconds into the 10th round after the fight was dominated by Cotto.

Margarito's eye almost prevented the fight from happening, but doctors who analyzed his eye gave the fighter the green light to fight tonight—something that may not happen again going forward.

Although Margarito's (38-7, 37 KOs) face did not look as bad as it did in his fight last November against Manny Pacquiao, Cotto (37-2, 30 KOs) inflicted enough damage to the eye to cause the doctors to say "no mas" for Margarito, as he could no longer see out his right eye.

As far as Margarito's career in the ring, there is a huge question mark over whether or not he will be able to fight again, as his right eye doesn't appear to be able to take a full fight any longer.

Margarito was still putting up a fight, and even had one of his better rounds in Round 9, but the doctors wouldn't allow him to take any more damage to the eye, a smart move on their part.

Cotto got the revenge he wanted so badly after losing their first fight back in 2008 at the suspected illegally-wrapped hands of Margarito that night.

Cotto can now look forward to a big fight on the horizon, as he has proven himself worthy of a top-five, pound-for-pound ranking.

If Floyd Mayweather Jr. is unable to get a fight with Pacquiao set up once again, I think Mayweather vs. Cotto will be the next biggest fight, as Cotto showed tonight that he can draw a crowd on his own, as the majority of the sold-out Madison Square Garden was pro-Cotto.

Mayweather and Cotto have been linked to a possible fight over the past few years, without one ever coming to fruition.

The outcome of the fight has Margarito looking at an apparent road block in his career and Cotto on the fast track to a huge payday in the future.