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Wiz Khalifa And Amber Rose Will Co-Parent Their Son.

For the last

couple of months, Wiz Khalifa his ex-wife Amber Rose has had an intense custody battle over their beloved son, Sebastian. Fortunately, both parties have united to parent the child together. According to TMZ, the inspiration came from Rose listening to Wiz Khalifa's single "See You Again" off of the Furious 7 Soundtrack. Whether Wiz's lyrics were directly toward his situation with Rose or not, it help bring them back together for their family.

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New Tupac Music Will Be Released Soon

To honor the 20th Anniversary of Tupac's death, new company JAM Inc. and his estate has teamed up to drop unreleased material in the next coming months. According to Billboard, JAM Inc. was brought in by Tupac's mother, Afeni Shakur, and given all of his unreleased material in order to "reset the Shakur estate", says company owner, Jeff Jampol.

The campaign started with a commercial for Powerade, starring Tupac's recital of "the flower that grows from the concrete" lyrics from "Mama's Just a Little Girl" over a dramatized story of Chicago Bulls player, Derrick Rose. Although it was the first glimpse of Tupac material, it is not the last. JAM Inc. will release several unreleased poems, songs, remixes, writings, demos, and recitals from Tupac Shakur. There is also news that we will be seeing new apparel, museum collections, and biography on the way as well.

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T-Pain On Criticism For Using Aaliyah’s Vocals: When Someone Dies People Act L

Many music artists have sampled Baby Girl's voice on their songs. That includes T-Pain. He used Aaliyah's vocals for his The Iron Way mixtape cut "Girlfriend."

Pain hosted a listening session in New York for the project, and the Florida native was asked about receiving criticism for including Aaliyah on one of the tracks. His response drew negative reactions from the people in attendance, and they began to question if he was disparaging the "One In A Million" performer's legacy.

He stated:

I ain't discrediting Aaliyah in any kind of way, but you know how sometimes when people die… You know how somebody's an asshole their whole life, but when you go to their funeral it's like, "This guy is the greatest man that ever walked this Earth." [crowd moans]… You know what I'm saying… I'm not saying Aaliyah…

Because she passed nobody's good enough to be next to her. If she was still alive, then everybody would be saying, "Oh you're trying to be like Beyoncé." But now that she's passed, everybody's like, "Nobody can be like her." That's just how it is, and that's how people are. People just look for s**t to talk about.

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If Relationships Were Like Insurance: Start Farm Hoes

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Future - Fuck Up Some Commas (Official Video)

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[PICS] Mariah Carey’s Got A New Love

Rumor has it, Mariah Carey is now dating Brett Ratner, the movie director. I will tell you this…I have heard some stuff about dude. Remember he dated Serena Williams. Yuck! Anyway….here are the pictures that definitely sparked the rumors.
Moving on? Mariah Carey is dating longtime friend and former collaborator Brett Ratner, according to a new report, pictured in an Instagram snap on Sunday

 More than friends? The 45-year-old film director, best known for his Rush Hour movies, has been a shoulder to lean on during Mariah's divorce from Cannon
Three's company: The two were joined by their mutual pal Courtney Love on a Sunday dinner date
Taking a back seat: Ratner sat shotgun following dinner in West Hollywood
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Tyrese’s Ex-Wife Talks Years Of Abuse

Recently Tyrese made news for saying he felt his ex-wife would flee the country with their daughter; his ex-wife Norma has decided to speak out to about their relationship's turmoil. She stated that Tyrese was both physically and emotionally abusive to her. She also says she felt extremely irresponsible for not speaking up for years when the Ray Rice incident emerged.

"I felt so irresponsible at that moment because I wasn't taking responsibility as a woman and using my voice to perhaps alleviate those blows. It starts with words and then it becomes physical, but the words are what linger. The physical abuse heals quickly, but the emotional keeps coming back because you're so unsure of yourself."

She plans to start a women's empowerment campaign to help build self-esteem and confidence in women who experience the same issues. She also says despite what Tyrese is telling the public, she has no intention on fleeing the country with their daughter as she would never take her daughter away from her father.

Tyrese stopped by the Breakfast club to talk about several things. He ended up also discussing getting 50% custody of his daughter, if he really felt like his ex-wife would kidnap their daughter and if he abused his ex-wife
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Lauryn Hill’s “The Miseducation” Album To Be Archived At The Library Of Co

Lauryn Hill's groundbreaking debut solo album The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill already holds the honor of being the first Hip Hop album to ever win the Grammy award for "Album Of The Year." The classic 1998 LP is also receiving recognition by the Library Of Congress for being "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant."

[ALSO READ: Lauryn Hill Releases "Black Rage" In Response To Ferguson Protests]

The LOC's National Recording Preservation Board selected The Miseducation to be conserved in the national library of the United States. Works by Radiohead (OK Computer), The Doors (The Doors), Sly and the Family Stone (Stand!), and Joan Baez (Joan Baez) were also chosen for the 2014 National Recording Registry.

"Congress understood the importance of protecting America's aural patrimony when it passed the National Recording Preservation Act 15 years ago," states James H. Billington of the Librarian of Congress. "By preserving these recordings, we safeguard the words, sounds and music that embody who we are as a people and a nation."

In total, 25 audio recordings were added to the registry including the singles "Stand by Me" by Ben E. King, "My Funny Valentine" by The Gerry Mulligan Quartet, and "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'" by The Righteous Brothers.

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Tink – Ratchet Commandments (Official Video)

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Former University Of Oklahoma Student Who Led Racist "SAE" Chant Speaks Out

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Dame Dash In Real Life #ADDSketch

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Entourage (Movie Trailer #2)

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Vine Comp Of The Week Part 108

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Jimmy Henchman Sentenced To Life Term For Murder Of G-Unit Associate

James "Jimmy Henchman" Rosemond has been sentenced to life in prison after being convicted for the murder of G-Unit associate and alleged Bloods member Lowell "Lodi Mack" Fletcher. In

December, a jury found Rosemond guilty of orchestrating the killing of Fletcher as retaliation for his then 14-year-old son being attacked by G-Unit's Tony Yayo.

[ALSO READ: Jimmy Henchman Found Guilty In "Murder-For-Hire" Plot Against G-Unit Associate]

According to the New York Post, Manhattan federal Judge Colleen McMahon called Rosemond's acts "heinous" as she handed down the sentencing. Rosemond is already serving a life sentence for drug trafficking and weapons possession convictions. Authorities accused him of running the criminal enterprise known as the "Rosemond Organization."

Rosemond was also the CEO of Czar Entertainment which had connections with Game, Gucci Mane, Brandy, and other artists. He had a longstanding violent feud with 50 Cent and G-Unit as well. Both 50 and Rosemond have accused the other of being a "snitch."

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Ray J Quits ‘Love And Hip Hop: Hollywood’ To Save His Relationship

Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood has lost a cast member.

TMZ reports that on Monday (Mar. 23) Ray J left the show because it is having a negative impact on his relationship with girlfriend, Princess Love. The two have been trying to work out the kinks in their relationship ever since Love was arrested for assaulting Ray back in February. The "I Hit It First" singer does not think the two can fully fix things while filming the show, which is filled with fights and chaos.

Sources told the pap site that Ray J offered to film scenes with less drama and more positivity but producers were not feeling his ideas.

Producers are reportedly going to meet with him and his manager to get him to change his mind.

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Dr. Dre Gave Me "Five Black Eyes," Michel'le Says

The "R&B Divas LA" actress/singer says Dr. Dre gave her "five black eyes" and "a cracked rib."

In a recent interview with The Breakfast Club, Dr. Dre's former girlfriend Michel'le shared gritty details about the abuse she suffered at the hands of the Aftermath Records founder.

While information about the domestic violence has long been public, Michel'le gave a firsthand account of her injuries during her sitdown with The Breakfast Club last week.

When asked about whether they used to "fist-fight," Michel'le said, "Well I tried. I was losing." Recounting her injuries specifically she confirmed that Dre broke her nose with a closed fist.

"I had five black eyes," she also said. "I have a cracked rib, I have scars that are just amazing. It was normal. Everybody that knew, it was the norm."

Recalling the origins of the abuse, Michel'le said Dr. Dre himself cried the first time he hit her.

"I do remember when he first he me," she said. "When he first gave me my very first black eye, we laid in the bed and he cried. He was crying and I was crying 'cause I was in shock and hurt and in pain. I don't know why he was crying, but he said, 'I'm really sorry.' I think that was the only time he ever said he was sorry. And he said, 'I'll never hit you in that eye again, okay?' And I was like, 'Yeah, okay.' And we fell asleep."

After dating Dre, Michel'le was in a relationship with Suge Knight who she said hit her once in their nearly decade-long stint together.

"One of the craziest things he ever did was when he tried to hit me," Michel'le said. "He only tried one time. And he was so strong that he open hand slapped me and threw my whole jaw out of [place]. I had to go to the emergency. He back hand slapped and it wouldn't go back. So I had to finally call him and say, 'You're gonna have to come take me to the emergency.' It was either that or the police was gonna have to take me."

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Ex-NFL Star Darren Sharper Sentenced To 9 Years In Prison For Rape

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SnoopMania: Snoop Dogg Makes A Special Appearance On WWE RAW With Hulk Hogan

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Migos ­- One Time (Official Video)

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Action Bronson Feat. Chance The Rapper - Baby Blue

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Future Put On Blast By Singer


Future's Instagram

So an up-and-coming singer slid in Future's DM's recently trying to collaborate with the rapper. Future was trying to collaborate more in the bedroom than on the track. Future kept his intentions in emoji form, but we guess the singer whose name is Ciera-Angelique felt she wasn't getting anywhere, and now the DM's and text messages have become public record lol. Check them out below. Maybe she's #TeamCiara.

Screen shot 2015-03-23 at 1.07.41 PM

Screen shot 2015-03-23 at 1.02.07 PM

Screen shot 2015-03-23 at 1.02.24 PM

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Rich Homie Quan Assaults Security Guard After Being Denied Entry Into Miami Club

Rich Homie Quan allegedly got violent when he was denied entry into Miami's Club Liv at the Fontainebleau.

According to TMZ, the Atlanta native became livid when a security guard told him he could not enter through the VIP entrance because the club was full and that he had to wait in line with the regular folks. The "Walk Thru" rapper reportedly went on a cocky tangent yelling, "I'm Rich Homie Quan and I'm a rich millionaire, bitch. I'm coming through these doors. I'm with Flo Rida!"

A Miami Beach Police report says that Quan then punched the security guard twice, which broke his nose and busted his lip. The guard also said he was bashed in the back of his head by one of the rapper's entourage members.

After the attack, Quan and his crew escaped in a speedboat. Police are looking for him.

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J. Cole - G.O.M.D. (Official Video)

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Chris Brown Calls Out Fan For Being Misleading

Photo via Chris Brown's Instagram

We guess Chris Brown is sending out a warning to those who try to make things more than what they are. Recently he had to clear the air about Briona Mae by denying dating her. She was on Instagram posting pictures like she went on tour with him and was his girlfriend. He cleared up the rumors via Twitter. He said,

"Some people will try to ride the wave and take suggestive pictures misleading others. Knowing damn well they came wit da homies and not me. I don't have a new girl and don't plan on it anytime soon. #rumorkiller."

Screen shot 2015-03-23 at 10.14.30 AM

I guess Team Breezy was going in on Briona because she posted this on her Instagram:

Screen shot 2015-03-23 at 10.26.32 AM

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Killer Mike Was Injured After A Man Tried To Attack Him

Earlier this week, Run The Jewels were performing on the Spotify House Stage at SXSW and a man attempted to attack them. Although RTJ and security disposed him minutes later, member Killer Mike ended up being hurt and had to head back to Atlanta to see his doctor, where he was diagnosed with a torn Rotator Cuff. Although Mike is currently injured, he ended up returning to Texas and performed last night at Stubbs Barbecue. Before Run The Jewels performed their single "Banana Clipper", Killer Mike mentioned the incident:

"Last time we did this song, it was interrupted. Let's not let that happen again. If you interrupt this song, we'll beat the f*ck out of you."

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Lil Wayne On Drake Sleeping With His Girlfriend: “F*ck That H*e”

News broke recently that Lil Wayne is pitching an autobiography to different

book publishers. TMZ got access to sections of the book's treatment. One passage included Wayne learning that Drake had sex with a woman he was dating before the two were together.

[ALSO READ: Lil' Wayne Reveals That Drake Slept With His Girlfriend In Upcoming Book]

Drake apparently relayed the information to his Young Money boss while he was still in jail. In another post, TMZ reports how Wayne responded to finding out Drizzy and his girlfriend had been together.

"As a man, I'll admit that s**t really f**ked me up, but hey, f**k that ho!" Wayne wrote in his memoir. "Love is blind, that's why I say make sure that b***h is a seeing eye dog."

The book apparently features Wayne discussing how he was treated by the guards and making food in his cell. Wayne also recalls fellow inmates sharing their thoughts about him.

The Sorry 4 the Wait 2 creator also wrote, "The guy below me yelled all night, 'Yo, f*** you Weezy!'"

[ALSO READ: Big Sean: "You Can't Talk About Rap Music And Not Mention Lil Wayne" (VIDEO)]

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Young Money’s Lil’ Twist Faces 25 Years In Jail

Lil' Twist is a wanted man. The Young Money signee has been charged with six felonies after attacking actor Kyle Massey's brother and then robbing him.

TMZ reports that the Los Angeles County District Attorney's office has charged the 22-year-old with making criminal threats, burglary, grand theft, battery and two counts of assault with a deadly weapon. An arrest warrant has been issued.

Back in November, Twist and four others were hanging out with Massey, who is know for starring on That's So Raven, at his home and he and his brother, Chris, asked them to leave. The group left but returned and reportedly pushed back into the apartment, beat Chris with brass knuckles and took his wallet and cell phone.

If convicted on all charges, he could face 25 years in jail.

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Back At It, But He's Not A Rapper Tho: Supa Hot Fire vs. Hopsin! (Rap Battle Par

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What Is She Saying: Iggy Azalea Rapping Gibberish

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Tamar Braxton Rushed To Hospital For Panic Attack

Tamar Braxton was reportedly rushed to the hospital yesterday (Mar. 19).

According to reports, the reality star/The Real TV host suffered a panic attack and was rushed to the Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center after complaining of shortness of breath and anxiety. There is no word on what caused the panic attack but there have been rumors that she and her husband, Vince Herbert, owe the IRS $1.6 million and are in jeopardy of losing their home.

The "Love and War" singer took to Twitter to dispel those claims and blasted blogger Sandra Rose was for claiming that she was broke.

"So.. YALL blogs and validated radio stations etc getting your news from a BATHROOM blogger @SandraRose ?? If my husband owed 1.6, hell 4.6 million dollars I could pay that! Be very careful because you ARE sending me to the hospital with anxiety issues!! Maybe I Should talk to my Lawyer about the rumors you are spreading and how sick it's making me… You did say that's why I went correct."

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'Friday' movie coming back for 4/20

Hi, Felicia!

In honor of 4/20 and the 20th anniversary of the film "Friday," a special director's cut will be shown in 400 theaters nationwide for one night only, Buzzfeed reports.

The film starred Ice Cube as a young man who loses his job and spends a memorable day with his pot smoking/dealing friend Smokey, played by Chris Tucker. It spurred two sequels, "Next Friday" and "Friday After Next."

It's popularity has continued throughout the years, perhaps most famously in the phrase "Bye, Felicia," which is now a part of pop culture.

The phrase has become the ultimate way to dismiss a person or an idea and is based on a scene in which Ice Cube's Craig and Tucker's Smokey reject an attempt by Felicia, played by Angela Means, to borrow a car and some marijuana.

The showing will also include a 24-minute featurette with behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with the cast, titled "Friday Straight Up." The 1995 movie soundtrack, which went No. 1, will have a vinyl reissue on April 14.

"For the theaters, for New Line (Cinema), for the fans to want to pay homage to the movie in this way is cool," Ice Cube told Buzzfeed. "It lets you know how much people appreciate it and how much fun it is ... and it lets you know that 'Friday' is now a part of the American fabric."

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Trolls C-SPAN By Quoting "The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air" Theme On Air

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Lil’ Wayne Reveals That Drake Slept With His Girlfriend In Upcoming Book

Lil' Wayne is reportedly writing a tell-all book and revealing that Drake once betrayed him. TMZ reports that Weezy is shopping around a book proposal to different publishers. In the proposal, the Young Money general claims that Drake slept with his then girlfriend while he was serving time on Rikers Island in New York. Wayne says that Drake visited him and told him "Yeah, it's true. Don't f–k with her like that cause I did f–k her."

After hearing that his girlfriend smashed the homie, Wayne writes that he was distraught.

"This is the type of s–t that a man never wants to find out when he's locked up. Or, maybe so, cause only God knows what I would have done if I wasn't locked up right now…"I woke up feeling f—d up about the f—d up day that I had … finding out that she f—d Drake was the absolute worst thing I could've ever found out…"As a man, honestly, that s–t hurt … and not because it was Drake, it could have been any man. It would've hurt the same."

Wayne writes that his girlfriend said she slept with Drake the day before she met him. He said that he was so depressed that he could not leave his cell for days.

There is no word on what else will be revealed in the book, like details on his current feud with Birdman.

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A$AP Ferg: “Racism Been Over”

A$AP Ferg says Missy Elliott is one of his "biggest inspirations in life," praises J Dilla.

During a recent appearance on NPR's Microphone Check, A$AP Mob lyricist A$AP Ferg touched on a number of topics including Missy Elliott being one of his inspirations, being a current student of J Dilla, and his thoughts on racism.

In regards to racism, the Harlem, New York rapper revealed that in his opinion, it no longer exists. He then explained that it's classism and who has "the biggest money," that takes precedence in today's society.

"Racism been over," A$AP Ferg said, according to "It's the old people that keep on holding on to it. We don't hold on to that s—-. We don't know racism. We all like having — like my brother had white — my little brother had white girlfriends. And that's regular…I think that's classism. I don't think it's racism…Like, who got the biggest money. So we gon' keep these — we gon' oppress these people. They don't get nothing. And it's a pyramid. That's how the pyramid work. You need — everybody plays a position. You need all of these soldiers or whatever to keep the big man up there. I want to be the big man. I don't want to be like these guys holding the big man up."

Prior to sharing his thoughts on the absence of racism, A$AP Ferg referred to fellow rapper Missy Elliott as one of the "biggest inspirations in life." He also revealed that at this particular moment he's more concerned with absorbing knowledge from Missy than hopping on a collab with the rapper.

"She's been one of my biggest inspirations in life," he said. "Way before I was rapping, I was looking at Missy videos and loving her music. And just the visuals, I never imagined that I would one day be doing music and, you know, dope visuals like that as well. So just for us to share that moment with one another, that was the biggest thing for me…I'm not pressed to do music or nothing like that when it comes to these type of artists that I look up to because I have to — you have to understand I'm not — I have to just jump in the passenger seat when I'm with Missy or Timbaland and just learn. You know what I'm saying? Cause they got a lot of knowledge for me to absorb. So, I don't want to just be so quick to get a song done and then just keep bouncing with life. I want to enjoy this — I want this moment to last forever."

Another artist discussed during Ferg's interview with Microphone Check was the late J Dilla. The New York City wordsmith admitted that he's "still studying the guy," but also praised the producer for his innovativeness.

"Well, I'm still a student when it comes to J Dilla," A$AP Ferg said. "I'm still getting into his art and everything. But people say he was a master at mixing and looping beats, like before you had all of these new programs and everything like that. So I just love that about him. Like, he was real innovative and he was pushing the culture in that way. But I'm still studying the guy. And I'm very very curious to know what everybody love about him."

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“Empire” Season Finale Draws Biggest Ratings For A New Series In A Decade

The 2-hour

season finale of Empire aired last night, and the ratings for the Fox series were huge. According to E!, the Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson led program's early overnight audience of 16.5 million viewers.

[ALSO READ: "Empire" Becomes The Highest Rated Broadcast Drama In Five Years]

Empire pulled in a 6.4 rating in the coveted 18-49 demographic. The first hour drew a 6.0 rating with 15.6 million viewers, and the second hour had a 6.8 rating with 17.5 million viewers. That makes the Empire season ender the highest rated finale for a new series since ABC's Grey's Anatomy in 2005.

The show saw its viewership rise every episode during its initial run. The January 7th premiere opened with 9.9 viewers which means the series nearly doubled its audience from the pilot to the finale.

Besides the TV ratings success, Empire has also taken over the music game as well. The show's soundtrack debuted at number one on the Billboard album chart with 130,000 units sold in its first week.

[ALSO READ: "Empire" Soundtrack Tops Album Chart, Beats Out Madonna's New Album]


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Migos Compare Themselves To Outkast

Is the ATL trio better than the ATL duo?

Migos is at the forefront of the "New Atlanta" movement. In just two years, they've coined their own flow, landed high-profile features from Justin Bieber and Drake, and they've even drawn comparisons to pop icons.

Now, in a new interview with Paper Magazine, the trio from Gwinnett County, Georgia is likening themselves to action heroes and ATL legends.

"We like the Transformers, we come together from different scenes," Takeoff says.

"We kind of like the new Outkast," Quavo adds. "They're comparing us to the Beatles. They're comparing us to legendary people. We didn't grow up listening to them but we knew of these people. We just wanted to be in that same name bracket. The people we grew up watching and listening to -- Outkast, Gucci Mane, Hot Boys, Lil Wayne, Master P -- all that type of stuff, we took those styles and made it our own."

Migos is also finding new ways to differentiate themselves. In addition to revealing that they take style cues from Slick Rick, the trio told Paper Mag that they currently have their own strain of marijuana.

"In Cali, we got the Migo Gas!," Takeoff says. "We got our own strain in California, man. Migo Gas."

Migos' debut studio album Y.R.N. Tha Album is scheduled to be released on June 16.

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Stephon Marbury Gets Posterized By The Chinese Shaq

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Lil Wayne - CoCo Freestyle (Official Video)

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Black UVA Student Beaten By Police

A black University of Virginia student was brutally beaten by police over a ID discrepancy early Wednesday morning, ABC reports.

After 20-year-old Martese Johnson was denied entry into a bar on St. Patrick's Day for allegedly trying to use a fake ID, Alcoholic Beverage Control agents approached him and decided to arrest him. During his arrest his injuries were sustained, according to officials. The ABC agency, who is enforces alcohol laws, would not reveal any other details around the arrest.

A smartphone video shows the UVA junior being detained by the agents as a bystander screams "His head is bleeding!" and Johnson shouts expletives while on the ground. "I go to UVA you f—-g racists!" he yelled.

Students who witnessed the beating said that Johnson never resisted arrest and became injured when he was slammed into the ground. In a letter written by concerned students who witnessed this, they revealed that Johnson needed 10 stitches and described the officers' behavior as "animalistic" and "insensitive."

"After Martese was denied entry to the bar, he found himself suddenly flung to the ground, " read the letter."The brutish force used resulted in his head and bodily injuries. His treatment was unprovoked as he did not resist questioning or arrest. In confusion, with blood painting his face and creating a pool on the bricks of the corner, he yelled out for mercy. Though he lay bleeding and crying out, officers continued to hold him to the pavement, pinning him down, twisting his arm, with knees to his back until he was handcuffed."

Johnson was charged with public intoxication and obstruction of justice. According to the ABC agency, Johnson was treated for his injuries at the UVA Hospital Emergency Department.

In a statement, Johnson's lawyer Daniel P. Watkins revealed that Johnson is a double major studying Italian and Media Studies and is a member of the Eta Sigma chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.

The violent arrested sparked a rally at UVA's campus, which Johnson attended.

UVA president Teresa Sullivan released a statement about the incident.

"The safety and security of our students will always be my primary concern, and every member of our community should feel safe from the threat of bodily harm and other forms of violence," Sullivan wrote. "Today, as U.Va. students, faculty, and staff who share a set of deeply held values, we stand unified in our commitment to seeking the truth about this incident. And we stand united in our belief that equal treatment and equal justice are among our fundamental rights under the law."


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Drake Sued For Not Supporting ‘Homecoming: The Lost Footage’ Documentary

Drake is now under fire for not supporting the rock doc, Homecoming: The Lost Footage.The company that is distributing it, Specticast, has slapped the Young Money emcee with a lawsuit for tweeting out to his 21 million followers that he was not supporting the project, according to TMZ. The flick chronicles Drake's rise and features footage of his 2009 performance at Toronto's Sound Academy.

In their lawsuit, Specticast claims that Drizzy posted that tweet to draw attention to his page so he could plug his upcoming OVO Fest in Toronto. The "Energy" rapper also said that Rap-A-Lot Records' Jas and Jas Prince, who appears in the movie, were boycotting the project.

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Nicki Minaj Sets Billboard Chart Record

Nicki Minaj has just set another record. The Young Money rapstress has become the first woman to simultaneously have four songs in the top 10 of Billboard's Mainstream R&B/Hip-Hop Chart, according to Billboard. Her Lil' Wayne and Drake assisted track "Truffle Butter" just jumped to the no. 1 spot, joining her collab with Rae Sremmurd "Throw Some Mo," "Only" and "Feeling Myself" which features Beyonce.

Other female artists to have songs on the chart at the same time include Beyonce, Rihanna and Ashanti. They accomplished this by having three on the chart simultaneously.

The Queens spitter recently announced the U.S and Canada dates for The Pinkprint Tour, which will also feature performances from Dej Loaf, Tinashe, Rae Sremmurd and her bae Meek Mill.


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Young Thug Is Prepping The "Carter 6"

Thug first mentioned that he would continue the Carter series in an interview with MTV last year.

It's no secret that Young Thug idolizes Lil Wayne.

In February, the eccentric rapper spoke to GQ about how he hopes to attain similar success as Wayne.

"I hope to be like Bill Gates, bro," Thug said at the time. "With all the money in the world. Like Wayne, someday I want one of those kind of careers."

Thug also named Michael Jackson but he's following in the footsteps of Wayne. On Tuesday (March 17), Thug shared an Instagram video of a remix to Lil Wayne's "Grindin."

Thug captioned the clip: "#CARTER6 OTW."

A separate tweet, sent out by Thug's record label, 300 Entertainment confirmed the "New Atlanta" rapper's caption.

The tweet reads: ".@youngthug #CARTER6 soon..."

Thug first mentioned that he would continue the Carter series in an interview with MTV last year. At the time, Lil Wayne's Tha Carter V was still scheduled for an October release. Still, Thug explained how he wanted to create Tha Carter VI through Tha Carter X, saying, "He did I to V, I wanna do VI to X."

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Ohio Mother Charged After Allegedly Beheading Her 3-Month-Old Daughter

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Vine Comp Of The Week Part 107

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Young Thug Takes Shots At Lil’ Wayne

Lil' Wayne and Birdman have been going at each other for a while now, and it doesn't seem like they will come to any agreement. During the turmoil, Young Thug seems to be replacing Lil' Wayne as

Baby's son lol! Wayne and Thug have traded subliminal shots over social media, and recently Lil' Wayne released a diss track taking shots at both Baby and Young Thug. Young Thug jumped on Instagram today saying that he'd be releasing his latest effort Carter 6 soon… clearly biting Lil' Wayne and coming for him all in the same breath. He also said that Wayne basically bought his way into the Bloods.

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Chris Brown Accuses Karrueche Of Turning Into A Thot

Photo via Karrueche's Instagram

Chris Brown has already showed us and even let us know on radio interviews that he doesn't know how to act on social media. He even went as far as to say that he will let people know how he feels even if he deletes it later. Not too long ago Brown and Karrueche got into a social media war, where Brown exposed their threesomes and accused Karrueche of messing with Drake. For the millionth time Karrueche said only one could take so much, but still ended up taking the singer back. After news broke of Brown's break baby, Karrueche claimed once again that she was done and has been going two weeks strong LOL. Karrueche recently posted the above photo on her Instagram with the caption "I'm president of the itty Bitty Committee." Brown had to comment on his former beau's post saying, "Thirst trap 101. continue to be a lady beautiful… U are perfect… Don't let the Thot form from anger." Should Karrueche or anyone else take advice from Breezy? LOL.

Screen shot 2015-03-18 at 10.06.06 AM

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Lil Wayne vs. Kevin Hart Freestyle Battle!

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Is Blue Ivy’s Entourage Causing Preschool Problems?

Photo Via Beyonce's Instagram

Princess Blue Ivy is making some people unhappy.. According to In Touch Weekly Beyoncé and Jay Z's three-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy, has her own entourage taking her to and from preschool — and the other parents are not happy about it! "A security motorcade drops her off and picks her up from school," an insider at Blue's West Hollywood preschool said "There are two cars and three bodyguards!" Allegedly Blue's entourage is causing traffic jams every morning and afternoon. "Beyoncé and Jay Z have made things a huge hassle," says the insider, adding, "Other celebrity kids get dropped off by one driver, not an entire staff." So the question is, is there security on hand all day outside of the school for Blue too? Are we the only ones that are surprised Blue goes to a regular preschool? Is this too much or just what is needed? After all little Blue is the offspring of Jay Z and Queen Bey!.

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Rae Sremmurd- Throw Sum Mo (Official Video)

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Empire Continues To Dominate

Empires viewership continued to rise this week, up 3% from 14.7 million to 14.33 million.

The Fox show debuted in Early January and has continually risen at an uncanny rate since its debut. Fans of the show continues to bloom at

The viewership slipped slightly in the coveted 18-49 demographic, which some attribute to daylight savings time.

Next week marks the 2-hour season one finale of the Terrance Howard and Taraji P. Henson led show.

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Mean Tweets - President Obama Edition

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We Are Young Money 8! (Birdman Slaps Drake)

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Fabolous Feat. French Montana - Ball Drop (Official Video)

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Lil Wayne Throws Microphone & Storms Off Stage During Concert

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Rihanna Becomes The First Black Woman To Model For Dior

Rihanna's fashion career is still one the rise. After being the face of Balmain's Spring/Summer 2014 campaign, snagging countless Vogue and W covers and becoming the creative director over at Puma, she is now the face of Dior, WWD says. RiRi is the first black woman to star in a campaign for the brand.

[ALSO READ: A Documentary About Rihanna Is Coming Soon]

Besides starring in the print campaign, she will also film in Dior's "Secret Garden" video series, which takes place in the palace of Versailles in France. The campaign, which will be shot by Steven Klein, will debut later in the spring.

The Bajan songstress is also working on her upcoming eighth album, R8, which is due out sometime this year.

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Mary J. Blige – Doubt (Official Video)

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Nicki Minaj's Ex Safaree Samuels Gets Ran Off The Block By Flatbush Brooklyn Goo

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Kim & Kanye Threesome Sex Tape Leaks

Photo via Kim Kardashian's Instagram

Wellll Kanye West's laptop was stolen. Some trifflin' thief has hit the jackpot. Allegedly a man is selling a sextape – which shows Kim Kardashian, Kanye, and a blonde woman, engaged in some threesome sex. allegedly spoke to a person who claims that they may have accidentally came upon Kanye West's personal laptop. Allegedly the individual has hacked onto the computer and is trying to sell the data piece by piece. It has been said that the tape is graphic and that photoshopped Kim K body is not present lol as she has a little pouch. Let's hope its better thank the Kim K & Ray J tape.

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Joseline Hernandez Says That There’s Acting On ‘Love & Hip Hop’

There has always been speculation there were fake aspects in the story lines when it comes to Mona Scott-Young's Love & Hip Hop empire. Joseline Hernandez has just confirmed that.

In a deposition regarding the lawsuit brought against her by former cast mate Althea Heart, the "Puerto Rican princess" was asked if the show was scripted and she spilled the beans.

"With reality TV, it's called reality, but it's a lot of acting," she revealed in a video. "I say that because a lot of the girls that's on the show, they act. So, it's a lot of acting in a reality TV show."

When asked about the authenticity of who is she is on the show, she said that "reality TV show showcases a lot of who we are not."

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Two Ferguson Police Officers Shot; Police Chief Resigns

Two Ferguson police officers were shot last night (Mar.11) shortly after midnight as demonstrators gathered outside of the Ferguson Police Department after police chief Thomas Jackson announced that he would be resigning from the force, Yahoo reports.

According to the St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar, a 32-year-old officer from Webster Groves was shot in the face while a 41-year-old officer from St. Louis County was shot in the shoulder. They were both conscious when taken to the hospital. Belmar says he does not know who the shooter could be.

[ALSO READ: Ferguson Police Officer Fired, Two Suspended For Racially Charged Emails]

"I saw the officer go down and the other police officers drew their guns while other officers dragged the injured officer away," said 20-year-old Marciay Pitchford, who was outside of the department with protestors. "All of a sudden everybody started running or dropping to the ground."

Jackson, whose resignation will take effect on Mar. 19th, is the sixth employee to be fired or to resign after Darren Wilson was not charged with civil rights charges regarding the killing of 18-year-old Michael Brown. In a report done by the Justice Department, it was also found that there was racial discrimination within the Ferguson police force.

Jackson served as the city's police chief for five years.

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Young Thug Disses Rich Homie Quan Onstage & Then Clarifies

Young Thug calls out "Bitch Homie Quan" at a live show and then says there's no beef.

After putting out a good amount of music together through 2014 Rich Homie Quan and Young Thug seem to be on the outs.

Despite their shared success, Rich Homie Quan recently announced plans to distance himself from Rich Gang to focus on his solo career. Apparently in response, Young Thug dropped Rich Homie Quan's name as a diss at a recent live show and then backtracked on Instagram, claiming there's no beef between him and the Atlanta rapper.

While onstage during a stop on his tour with Travi$ Scott, Young Thug seems to reference Rich Homie Quan's public statement about stepping away from Rich Gang before calling him a "stupid lame" and then worse.

"Speaking of horses," Thug says. "You saw the fucking video, man. This stupid lame, that nigga tripping. That Bitch Homie Quan."

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Jordan Sparks- Double Tap (Official Video)

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Metro Atlanta Police Officer Shoots And Kills Unarmed Naked Man That Charged At

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Vine Comp Of The Week Part 106

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Suge Knight Says He’s Legally Blind In Left Eye

Sighs…here come the "I'm legally blind" jokes and references…

Suge Knight's defense in his murder case will be that he is legally blind in his left eye due to glaucoma, a side effect of diabetes.

Knight's attorney Matthew Fletcher is saying Knight hit the men because he didn't have a clear view of them.

TMZ reports:

"When Suge pulled back and struck Cle "Bone" Sloan the first time … he didn't have a clear view of his left side, which may have prevented him from turning left, which would have allowed him to escape down the street.

In addition, Terry Carter was on Suge's left side when he re-entered the parking lot, so Suge may not have clearly seen him before striking him with the truck.

Suge also claims Carter screamed something to the effect of, "Should I shoot him?" Fletcher says because of Suge's vision problem, he couldn't see that Carter was not brandishing a weapon."

This died just can't stay out of trouble. Always got some s*** goin! Anywho…P.O.P. Hol it down! (sorry I had to)

Sighs…here come the "I'm legally blind" jokes and references…

Suge Knight's defense in his murder case will be that he is legally blind in his left eye due to glaucoma, a side effect of diabetes.

Knight's attorney Matthew Fletcher is saying Knight hit the men because he didn't have a clear view of them.

TMZ reports:

"When Suge pulled back and struck Cle "Bone" Sloan the first time … he didn't have a clear view of his left side, which may have prevented him from turning left, which would have allowed him to escape down the street.

In addition, Terry Carter was on Suge's left side when he re-entered the parking lot, so Suge may not have clearly seen him before striking him with the truck.

Suge also claims Carter screamed something to the effect of, "Should I shoot him?" Fletcher says because of Suge's vision problem, he couldn't see that Carter was not brandishing a weapon."

This died just can't stay out of trouble. Always got some s*** goin! Anywho…P.O.P. Hol it down! (sorry I had to)

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Chris Brown Responds To Nasty Social Media Comments About Alleged Daughter

Chris Brown has been hushed ever since it was alleged that he fathered a nine-month old daughter while in a relationship with his longtime girlfriend, Karrueche Tran. Though he has not addressed it publicly, trolls on Twitter and Instagram did and they have been bashing him endlessly. Breezy's been keeping busy while on the Between the Sheets tour with Trey Songz but decided to blow off some steam on his Instagram about all the hate being thrown his way.

In a now deleted post, he still did not say anything about his alleged daughter, but did have a mouthful for his naysayers.

chris brown IG

"Some of you ignorant human beings on here have yet to grasp the concept of your own lives," Breezy wrote in the caption. "This is for encouragement for anyone dealing with their own issues. Half of yall pages are private and the others look so damn depressing I understand why u feel like u have the right to say some of the most outrageous things possible. U don't have to like me but one thing is for sure… You all are looking though.. That's the diffeence between leadership and being a cancer to this planet. We have no real leaders or people to join together for great things anymore. At least not the youth… We will one day drown in a pool of our own negativity. Be blessed or be quiet."

The Between The Sheets tour wraps up on Mar. 19th in Hampton, VA.

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Angie Stone Arrested For Knocking Out Daughter’s Teeth

Former rapper-turned R&B diva Angie Stone has been arrested after she allegedly knocked out her daughter's front teeth.

She has been charged with domestic aggravated assault.

Police charge that the singer struck her 30-year-old daughter with a metal stand, taking out her front teeth. Angie has claimed self defense, alleging that her child punched her first in an incident that went down Monday night.

Police have not indicated who threw the first blow.

The violent fracas started when Angie demanded her daughter, Diamond, clean up and get her children under control in her home.

"Ms. Diamond Stone then went on to state that Ms. Angie Stone started (getting) in her face, telling her she needed to leave because she is tired (of) her," police said in the report. "Ms. Diamond Stone then stated her and Ms. Angie Stone started to argue, and that's when a physical altercation started to occur." (Soure: Atlanta Journal Constitution)

Angie Stone, 53, reportedly told police she didn't realize she hit her daughter.

told police she did not know she hit her daughter with a metal stand.

"Once she realized this, she quickly put the stand down and attempted to get away from Ms. Diamond Stone. Ms. Angie Stone then stated while she tried to get away, Ms. Diamond Stone continued to come after her as if to strike her again but stated that Ms. Blondy Chisolm came to break up the fight."

Blondy Chisolm is a former rapper as well, who once rapped with Angie Stone in the Sugar Hill Records group The Sequence.

Diamond says she walked away from her mother and was the hit in the face. She called the police.

Both went to the police, but Diamond Stone was released with no charges.


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Pharrell & Robin Thick Ordered To Pay $7.3 Million To Marvin Gaye's Estate Due T

Pharrell said the songs share "feel."

Pharrell, who recently made his G I R L album available for streaming online, spoke with XXL about his legal battle with Marvin Gaye's estate over Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines."

"I have the utmost respect, the most, utmost respect for Marvin Gaye and his music and he is one of the patriarchs," Pharrell says in the interview. "He is one of the best. But here's the thing—you can't trademark a groove. If I play a song—which a lot of my new hip-hop, rap records are—that's done in 6/8 time signature, Charlie Parker's family is not going to sue me for that. Do you understand what I'm saying? If I do a salsa beat right now, I know that Ricky Martin's family is not going to come looking for me.

"That's what we're dealing with," Pharrell continues. "We're dealing with the idea that someone feels like a groove is proprietary, and it's not. Music is, and the notes are, and when you look at the sheet music, then you'd know. And just for a bit of humor, the percussion that I use on 'Blurred Lines,' aside from the music notation being completely different, completely different—the sheet music is available online, by the way—but the percussion, I was trying to pretend that I was Marvin Gaye, and what he would do had he went down to Nashville and did a record with pentatonic harmonies, and more of a bluegrass chord structure. So unfortunately there's no comparison between the minor, bluesy chords he was playing and my major, bluegrass-y chords, and that's very plain to see for anyone who can read music."

In 2013, "Blurred Lines" was at the center of legal discussions between Pharrell, Robin Thicke and Marvin Gaye's family. According to The Hollywood Reporter, a lawsuit was filed on behalf of "Blurred Lines" makers in a California federal court in August. "Plaintiffs, who have the utmost respect for and admiration of Marvin Gaye, Funkadelic and their musical legacies, reluctantly file this action in the face of multiple adverse claims from alleged successors in interest to those artists," the lawsuit states. "Defendants continue to insist that plaintiffs' massively successful composition, 'Blurred Lines,' copies 'their' compositions."

On Monday (March 3), Pharrell spoke with HipHopDX about how he feels when he is referred to as a genius.

"A genius denotes someone who knows a lot on their own—self-contained," Pharrell said in the HipHopDX exclusive. "And I'm not. All of my work is a direct reaction to meeting all these very interesting people with whom I've collaborated. I've learned so much about their processes and who they were, and their vibes have inspired me. In that case, I just could not take authorship for my path. I know that I've elected to take some of the choices, turns and the direction that I've taken. But I know at the same time, there are these integral people in our lives from time to time who come in, give us direction and guide us. They tell us which way to go, and those are the people I feel like are just as much… They share the authorship for all of my successes...So I'm not comfortable in that. I would say I've had a lot of really, really, really good help. And I'm just thankful that people have seen something in me, and I was smart enough to allow them to guide me in the right direction. That's the closest to that term I could ever come to. I'm smart enough to listen to other people, but nowhere near genius."

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Mississippi Star Quarterback Dak Prescott Jumped During Spring Break Concert

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Kendrick Lamar Freestyles Over Notorious B.I.G. Classics

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Ciara - I Bet (Official Video)

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Nick Gordon Says He Hates Bobby Brown In Dr. Phil Interview

Nick Gordon is spinning out of control. He sat down for a interview-turned-intervention with Dr. Phil and a preview has been released.

In the clip, Gordon is distraught over Bobbi Kristina still being in a coma and the loss of her mother Whitney Houston, who died in 2012.

"I miss Krissi and Whitney so much! I want them back," he said tearfully.

Gordon, who was being consoled by his mother Michelle, also revealed how he really feels about his girlfriend's father. "I hate Bobby Brown!," he shouted at Dr. Phil.

Bobby Brown's sister, Leolah, has cautioned Dr. Phil to not allow Gordon to tell his side of the story.

"Dr. Phil, With all due respect, Nick Gordon is under investigation for the attempted murder of my niece Bobby Kristina Brown," she said in a Facebook post. "We have strong evidence of foul play. Until this investigation is completed by law enforcement, I would ask that you or anyone else not provide this individual a platform to spin this situation to his benefit."

The 25-year-old stormed out after the TV doctor cautioned him to go to rehab, even though he obliged after the taping. The full interview will air on Dr. Phil on Mar. 11th.

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Pathetic: University Of Oklahoma Fraternity Caught On Cam Singing An Awful Racis

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Graphic Footage Of Suge Knight’s Fatal Hit-And-Run Released (VIDEO)

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Chris Johnson injured in fatal drive-by shooting

Jets running back Chris Johnson was shot in the shoulder in the early hours of Sunday morning in his hometown of Orlando, Fla.

The Orange County Sheriff's Office said in a statement that one man died and two, including Johnson, were injured in a drive-by shooting at 4:09 a.m.

A source close to Johnson said he is in the hospital and is expected to be fine. Johnson spent last season with the Jets after six with the Titans. The Jets declined to pick up his option last month, making Johnson a free agent on Tuesday.

According to the Sheriff's statement, deputies responded to a shooting call and found the driver of a Jeep dead inside. Johnson and another man were on the sidewalk with gunshot wounds. The victims said a vehicle pulled up beside them at a red light and opened fire on the Jeep, according to the deputies.

The deceased driver was identified as Dreekins Oriko Johnson and the other injured man is named Reggie Johnson. It is unclear if they are relatives of Chris Johnson.

No arrests have been made.

Johnson had been arrested in January on a misdemeanor gun charge after he was pulled over in Orlando and police discovered two guns in his car that were not locked up properly.

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Still Got It: 46 Year Old Roy Jones Jr. Knocks Out Willie Williams

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Actor Harrison Ford Hospitalized After Plane Crash-Lands On A Golf Course!

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Vine Comp Of The Week Part 105

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Maino Beats Female Assault Charge

Maino was accused of sexual assault and all but found guilty in the public's collective eye. That notion has changed and the rapper was exonerated today.

Mellanie Monro accused the Brooklyn representative but now she has admitted to lying.

"Violence against women is an important issue in today's society," said Nicole Manini, Esq. of the Blanch Law Firm to "As a female attorney, I find it completely offensive to actual victims of domestic violence and assault that Ms. Hennigan (aka Mellanie Monroe) would make these allegations against our client knowing that they were not true. False allegations of abuse and assault diminish the severity of such crimes real victims face and increase the fear that they will not be believed should they come forward against their assailants."

The charges against Maino and co-defendant Richard Holt have been dropped.

Hennigan was seen on cellphone using the N-word towards the men and then they sprayed her with champagne.

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Erica Mena Boycotts LHHNY Reunion

Welp if Erica Mena is one of your Ratchet Love and Hip-Hop New York faves you may want to start looking for another.

The reality star has had enough and decided to skip out on the reunion opting to celebrate her sons' birthday in Florida.

Mena feels that since she's about to become Bow's wifey, she has a certain image to uphold.

Bossip reports:

""A lot of people cast this season were cast because of beef with her," a source close to Shad Moss' fiancé told Bossip, noting that Chrissy, Cyn Santana and Jhonni Blaze all had problems with Mena. "Erica was pretty much sick of the deflecting and the projecting of off other people's negativity."

Mena also has a history of turning up at the Love and Hip Hop reunion shows. Just last year, she laid hands on former cast member Nya Lee. With Blaze and others gunning to fight her, Mena simply decided she's not about that life.

"She's about to be somebody's wife," the source told Bossip, "and she didn't want to put herself in the type of space where that could happen."

Mena skipped shooting the Love and Hip Hop New York reunion Tuesday, and instead went to Florida to celebrate her son's birthday. Mena and show creator Mona Scott-Young privately filmed her portion of the reunion last week."

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Avengers: Age Of Ultron (Movie Trailer #4)

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Threesomes, Fake Friends, & A Baby More To The Chris Brown Baby Mama Drama

Soooooooooooooo it seems to be MORE to the Chris Brown

BABY MAMA DRAMA. So out of nowhere, a 9 month old baby has emerged by model Nia Gonzalez. The crooner's on and off girlfriend Karrueche took to her twitter today to say that there is only so much one can take and she wishes Chris and his family the best because she doesn't want to participate in any baby mama drama. But there is allegedly more to this story. Rumor has it that Karruehe knew about their short lived love affair and that Gonzalez and Chris' ex boo Rihanna were friends. It has even been said that Karrueche's BFF Christina Millian is friends with the girl too. So when this baby was conceived were Chris, Karrueche, and Nia having threesomes or was this one of the infamous "celebrity break" babies? The problem with the break baby theory is Brown and Karreuche's breaks usually only last 24 hours. Karrueche was asking who is Nia, but apparently she has been hanging out with her lol. Even though Karrueche says she's done with Brown (for the millionth time) we believe she will be babysitting the child next week. We'll keep you posted.

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T.I. Announces "ATL 2"

It has been nearly a decade since "ATL" released.

T.I. will be reprising his role as Rashad in the sequel to 2006's ATL.

The ATL-bred artist revealed the news by sharing two filtered photos from the set of the film via Instagram. In the first picture, Tip and castmates Jackie Long, Albert Daniels and Jason Weaver appear to be taking direction from the movie's director, Chris Robinson.

Tip captioned the image: "#ATL2 Get Ready."

The second photo depicts T.I. alongside his love interest (in the movie) Lauren London.

"Shad&New-New #ATL2 #KeepWatching" he wrote.

It has been nearly a decade since the film was released in '06. The movie served as T.I.'s first foray into acting.

While the film wasn't a major blockbuster success, it earned more than $21 million in theaters.

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50 Cent: "Suge Was Going To Kill" Dr. Dre

The G-Unit rapper also says he considered buying Murder Inc.

G-Unit members 50 Cent, Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks appeared on The Breakfast Club yesterday (March 3). 50 detailed his relationship with Dr. Dre, which he would no longer say is a friendship.

"I don't call to talk to him for no reason," he says. "I think that relationship was business. For a long time, I was a New York Knick player in the middle of the LA locker room. Interscope was the West Coast when it was East Coast-West Coast going on, and I never really saw them respond properly to Game's disrespect when it happened 'cause they had some sort of allegiance to the West or something. I was like, ' You know I wrote the records?'"

50 also says that his strained relationship with Dr. Dre's business partner, Jimmy Iovine, didn't help the situation.

"Overall, I think the disconnect between me and Jimmy created the distance between me and Dre," 50 says.

Tony Yayo also expresses his discontent with Dr. Dre's support of G-Unit.

"We beat somebody up for Dr. Dre," he says. "I could say it now. No disrespect to LA, but it was a whole bunch of New York dudes beating somebody up for Dre. He's cool. I like his music and everything. I just feel when you beat somebody up I feel like they owe you a little bit."

50 Cent also suggests that Suge Knight was plotting to kill Dr. Dre because of Tupac's success at Death Row while Dre wasn't as productive. "Suge was gonna kill Dre."

"How do I keep him?" 50 asks pretending to be Suge later in the interview. "Maybe I'll give him Dre's half. I don't know. Something might have to happen to Dre."

50 Cent also says he was intrigued by rumors that he bought Murder Inc. He thought it would be a good way to end his beef with Ja Rule.

"It even made me look at what it would cost," 50 said. "I ain't gonna lie. I was like, 'Yo how much is it? How much would it be?' It would be cool to do that 'cause you can't. Just finish it off. In the laws it says when you destroy, destroy completely."

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Amazing: Guy Sings "Uptown Funk" in Cartoon Voices!

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Gotta Man Up: Father Struggles Changing His Baby's Diaper

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Big Sean Feat. Drake & Kanye West - Blessings (Official Video)

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The Diplomats - Have My Money (Official Video)

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Chris Brown A Father?

Welp. All that talk of monogamy is out the window clearly if this is true.

TMZ is reporting that Breezy is the father of a 9-month-old baby girl.

"The baby's mother is a 31-year-old former model named Nia — who we're told has known Chris for several years.

Sources connected to both Nia and Chris tell us they are on very good terms — however they're not together romantically. We're told 25-year-old Chris is happy about being a father.

It does not appear there is a formal child support order in place — and we do not know the nature of any informal terms of support."

If there is any truth to this, we wonder how Karrueche feels about being a step-mommy…

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“Empire” Star Jussie Smollett Gets Record Deal With Columbia

It almost seems as if art fully imitates life as one young star of Fox's hit show "Empire" now has a record deal.

Jussie Smollett, who plays the homosexual singer Jamal, revealed to Entertainment Weekly that he signed on the line with Columbia Records.

"There will be a Jussie Smollett album. I signed to Columbia. So darling [Laughs] I'm label mates with Beyoncé and Adele and Barbra Streisand," he said in the candid conversation.
Jussie said that he wouldn't reflect the reality depicted in "Empire," but rather a flavor all his own.

"It's going to be a whole different thing. Now, the Empire family will still have something to do with it. I would love for Terrence to come and oversee the production of all of the music," he said. "And I would love for Timbaland to come on and Jim Beanz. We've all talked and they're all down to work on it."

"Empire" has continually made gains in ratings and now clocks in 16.1 million viewers as of last week. The success hasn't fully been realized by Jussie.

It hasn't clicked yet. The other day I went to Whole Foods and bought some chewable Vitamin C and got mobbed by like 15 girls. Today I was seven minutes late to work and I'm never late to work. I have been late to work two times," he said. "But a van of women were in Whole Foods and I was there to get my salad for lunch. Literally, they come up and they're like "Jamal!" And I was late because they had to stay there and try to figure out how to use their camera phones."

"Empire" co-star Malik Yoba outted Jussie as gay in real life after the 25-year-old had previously been non-committal in interviews.


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Suge Knight Going Blind, Health Deteriorating

Suge Knight is deteriorating quickly.

The former Death Row mogul has had a myriad of health complications, including blindness.
Knight has fired his attorneys and also charged that he has been receiving insufficient health care in jail.

According to, he said he was blind in one eye and had roughly 15 percent vision in his other eye Monday. He also said that he's dropped about 35 pounds since he was incarcerated and Judge Ronald Coen told the court he was hospitalized.
Knight was shot 6 times in August and has had issues related to it since.

He is presently facing murder charges after running over 2 men with his truck, killing one of them.

Incidentally, Knight's next court date will be on March 9, the anniversary of Notorious B.I.G. death.

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Vine Comp Of The Week Part 104

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Samsung Galaxy S6 And S6 Edge Official Introduction

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Ludacris & Wife Eudoxiee Expecting Their First Child

Via Eudoxiee's Instagram

My, my, my the Bridges family keeps growing. As we know Ludacris now has a one year old "break" baby with Tamika Fuller, but it seems as if the Bridges will have another baby running around as it looks like wife Eudoxiee is now pregnant. Both Ludacris and Eudoxiee took to their Instagram pages to post the same picture of Ludacris kissing Eudoxiee's stomach with the caption "Beautiful day on the beach." In the picture it is very evident that Eudoxiee has a new baby bump. There has been speculation that she was pregnant over the last few weeks as she's been wearing only baggy clothing and posting less full body shots than usual. Hey, Hip Hop siblings being born close in age by different women is nothing new. Look at Lil' Wayne and Diddy LOL.

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Did Floyd Mayweather’s Daughter Get Beat Up? (Video)

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Brownstone Singer Charmayne “Maxee” Maxwell Dead From Fall

Charmayne "Maxee"

Maxwell, a member of the 1990's R&B group Brownstone, passed away on Friday night, according to TMZ.

The site reports Maxwell's husband Carsten Soulshock came home and discovered the singer unconscious and bleeding. Paramedics were called to the home, and Maxwell was rushed to Cedars Sinai Hospital. Unfortunately, she died from loss of blood on the way to the facility.

Authorities believe the fatal gash on Maxwell's neck was the result of a broken wine glass. It is believed she fell and cut herself on the shattered glass. Police do not suspect foul play.

There are conflicting reports regarding Maxwell's death. BET is reporting she died in Denmark. There were also sites posting rumors Maxwell was suicidal before the incident. According to The Grio, her brother Brandon refuted the suicide claims on Twitter.

Brownstone is perhaps best well known for their 1995 Grammy nominated single "If You Love Me." Other R&B chart hits include "Grapevyne" and "I Can't Tell You Why." The group's debut album From the Bottom Up was certified platinum.

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Boosie Badazz Hospitalized In North Carolina

Baton Rouge rapper Boosie Badazz may have overworked himself last week. According to TMZ, Boosie was taken to a hospital in Charlotte, North Carolina on Friday after feeling weak. Doctors determined he was dehydrated and kept him overnight.

Badazz was forced to cancel his show in Charlotte. He was released the next day and continued on his tour. The "Show Da World" performer is scheduled to appear at upcoming concert dates in Louisiana, Florida, Texas, and South Carolina.

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Rich Homie Quan Says He Feels Good About Whites Using The N-Word

Rich Homie Quan says he has no problem with white people using the N-word when reciting his lyrics.

Rich Homie Quan has been part of many hits over the past few years and definitely knows the DNA to a catchy song. One of those catchy joints is YG's "My Hitta," on which he was featured.

Recently sitting down with Vlad TV, the Atlanta native talked about white people using the N-word when reciting lyrics, as the uncensored version of the West Coast hit requires you to use it as you sing along to the hook.

"I feel good [about it], man," Quan said when asked about whites using the N-word. "Because it's that title trap. That's what we want people to do, it's like crossover music. I feel good man, I don't look nothing by it. I [don't have a bias] so it's good man. You make music so people recite it."

The former Rich Gang member was also asked whether racism in the south is more prevalent than other areas. He responded by explaining that he himself has not experienced very much racism in his life.

"I wouldn't say racism is worse in the south only because it was so hard in the south," he said. "I think people are nicer in the south now and they don't really go back to those days. I've seen very little racism since I've been living." Quan continued by saying he has experienced the most amount of racial tension in airports.

Also during the interview, Rich Homie Quan talked about how "My Hitta" came together and noted that Jeezy was the one who introduced him to YG.

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Two Shot At T.I. & Jeezy Show In North Carolina

Two people were shot at a club event in Charlotte, North Carolina headlined by T.I. & Jeezy.

Gunshots brought an early end to an event headlined by T.I., Jeezy, and Yo Gotti in Charlotte, North Carolina last night (February 28).

According to Charlotte-Mecklenburg police, the shooting took place around 7:00 PM EST at a promotional event at Label night club and injured two people in attendance, one of whom is female.

"Two people injured with gunshot wounds," Captain J.D. Thomas told USA Today. "One person drove themselves to the hospital and one person was transported by ambulance. Both are non-life-threatening injuries."

No suspects have been detained and the reason for the shooting remain unclear, according to NBC News.

One clubgoer described the panic following the gunshots in an interview with USA Today. "It was packed," blogger Selena Alexander told the site. "Two distinct gunshots rang out. The artists were immediately rushed out." Alexander also says that the rappers were onstage during the shooting.

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