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Tyga’s Landlord’s Files Suit

Last month Tyga got served with papers at a sneaker event and now the reason why has been revealed.

The rapper allegedly owes over $124k in back rent from a home he rented and his landlord intends to collect. The home in Calabasas was rented in 2010, but the rapper reportedly fell behind $90k in back due rent. Now, that so much time has passed the amount, including fees and interest, is $124k.

On top of it all, TMZ reports that Tyga attempted to pay $1090, but the check bounded.

If Tyga doesn't settle the debt somehow, the landlord is threatening an arrest warrant.

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Will Floyd Mayweather Fight Manny Pacquiao AGAIN Before Retiring In September?

Most fans and experts alike feel Floyd Mayweather handily defeated Manny Pacquiao on May 2, but the pair may do it again.

Floyd, now 48-0, is expected to retire in September, but he must now find an opponent that can also drive sales, experts say.

Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated said, "Mayweather confirms (again) that he will fight one more time. Says his last fight will be in September. Against who? No one moves the needle."

The BleacherReport stated:

Besides, there isn't a fighter in the world who would draw more than Pacquiao would in a rematch. And while Mayweather clearly won this fight, the match was close enough, with several rounds contested, that it wouldn't be hard to drum up a fervor for a rematch. Pacquiao can clearly hang with Mayweather, even if the latter fighter essentially controlled the bout throughout.

In a post-fight press conference, Mayweather reportedly dodged the name Amir Khan, who would be the next logical fight after just a decisive victory over Pac Man.

Finally, even though Mayweather says he'll likely retire after 49, wins, he's left the door open to chase the coveted 50-0 record. Presently, Rocky Marciano holds the professional record of 49-0 undefeated.

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Dame Dash Hit With A Second Arrest Warrant, Reports

Dame Dash celebrated his birthday over the weekend, but now much content with more legal debauchery in the form of an arrest warrant issued Friday.

The former Roc-A-Fella Records mogul is reportedly on the hook for a total sum of $51,019 in back due support from an unnamed woman, according to Bossip. He faces six months in jail.

Dash recently

offered an expansive interview about his side of the story. That can be seen by hitting the link below.

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NYPD Officer In Critical Condition After Being Shot In The Head In Queens Villag

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Madonna Throws Shade At Drake After Coachella Kiss

Three weeks ago, Madonna surprised everyone by kissing Drake after making an appearance during his set at Coachella. Now, we're guessing she's regretting it, because she tried to throw shade at the OVO rapper. Recently, the music superstar was asked whether Drake was a good kisser, and the star replied with the Katie Perry line "I kissed a girl and I liked it". Drake wasn't feeling the kiss either Check out the clip below


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A Rihanna Stalker Threatens Her Life From Outside Of Her Home

Photo via Rihanna's Instagram

A Rihanna stalker has tweeted that he's outside of her home and has even threatened to kill her. This kind of thing is scary. RiRi beef up security baby girl; people are crazy. Someone arrest this guy and place him in a psychiatric ward.

Screen shot 2015-05-01 at 12.13.04 PM

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Two More Women Are Accusing Bill Cosby Of Rape

Two more woman plan on coming forward to accuse Bill Cosby of rape, according to the New York Daily News. At a press conference in New York City today (May 1), the women will appear with their lawyer Gloria Allred, who represents other Bill Cosby accusers.

One of the women made a guest appearance during the last season of The Cosby Show and claims that Cosby drugged, raped and threatened her as he was supposed to be helping her prepare for her role.

Three more women came forward last week (Apr. 23) at a press conference in Los Angeles to accuse Cosby of rape, which makes a total of 30 women who have forward with these claims. He has yet to face criminal charges.

Despite these claims, the TV dad still embarked on his "Far From Finished" comedy tour and will have the grand finale on May 2nd in Atlanta. He will be arriving to angry protesters who do not want him performing in the city.

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Tyga Sued For Nearly $125,000 In Back Rent

Tyga owes the landlord of a Calabasas home $124,000 after refusing to pay rent plus interest.

Tyga was recently served papers demanding he show up in court while at the launch of his L.A. Gear shoes, and now we know what those documents were in regards to.

According to TMZ, the YMCMB rapper owes nearly $125,000 in unpaid rent stemming from a Calabasas home he's been renting since 2010. The landlord claimed Tyga owed him and was subsequently rewarded a judgement of $90,000. He never paid what he owed and now faces legal action on the matter, which could result the seizure of his assets.

Tyga didn't help matters either when he posted a picture of him relaxing next to what looked like a large sum of money less than a week before he was scheduled to show up at a hearing on the matter–a hearing he skipped. That posting may have made his landlord even more enraged as he followed up by demanding Tyga pay $124,000: the previous judgement plus interest. Tyga's landlord has also threatened an arrest warrant if he doesn't pay soon.

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Jay Z, Eminem & Drake Listed On Billboard's Top Money-Makers List

Jay Z is the most paid rapper on Billboard's list with an estimated total revenue from 2014 of $22 million.

Billboard has published its list of the highest paid musicians of the year and the first Hip Hop artist on the 2014 edition is Jay Z at #9.

The publication reports Jay Z's total estimated revenue in 2014 at $22 million built up from $1.2 million in sales, just over $19 million from touring, and less than a million dollars each in publishing and streaming. Notably, Beyonce comes in just a few spots down the list at #12 with an estimated revenue of $19.6 million. Beyonce put up higher dollar amounts than her husband in each of the categories except touring where she earned an estimated $14.8 million.

Eminem clocked in at #20 with the "highest streaming royalties on this list" and the second highest publishing, according to Billboard. Thanks to a joint-tour with Rihanna, Em netted $5.2 million in touring and on his own made just over $4 million from music sales.

Despite not releasing an album last year, Drake found himself at #21 with an estimate total revenue of $10.6 million, largely built up from $7.7 million in box office sales.

Rihanna managed to make the list herself at #32 after showing up at #20 last year.

Read the whole Billboard Money-Makers List on Billboard here.

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Snootie Wild - Rich Or Not (Official Video)

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Dame Dash’s Daughter Blasts Him For Embarrassing Her Family?

Dame Dash has been going in on his baby mommas' recently. He accused them of taking advantage of him by trying to get more child support. There's even a warrant out for his arrest for money owed to Rachel Roy.

Well, while Dame has been pointing the finger at his exes, it seems one of his daughters is blasting daddy. The Shade Room screenshot some comments Dame's daughter Ava apparently posted on his Instagram pics.

One says, "What kind of father would embarrass his daughter and mother like this" and another says "stop playing the victim." Then she accuses Dame of blocking her from his IG page.

Man, just three months ago they were seated front row together at the BET Honors event. Smh


Ava Dash


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Freddie Gray death ruled homicide; officers charged

Six police officers have been charged in the death of Freddie Gray, Baltimore State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby said Friday. One officer -- the driver of the police van -- has been charged with several counts, including second-degree depraved-heart murder. Another officer has been charged with several counts, including manslaughter and involuntary manslaughter. Two other officers have been charged with several counts, including involuntary manslaughter. An additional two officers are charged with several counts, including second-degree assault.

[Breaking news update at 11:01 a.m.]

A warrant has been issued for the arrest of six officers involved in the death of Freddie Gray, Baltimore City State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby said.

[Breaking news update at 10:56 a.m.]

Six police officers have been charged in the death of Freddie Gray, Baltimore State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby said Friday.

[Breaking news update at 10:50 a.m.]

Baltimore State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby told reporters Friday that her office's investigation, coupled with a medical examiner's determination that Freddie Gray's death was a homicide, led her to determine there is probable cause to file criminal charges. She didn't immediately say who would be charged; a news conference continues.

Mosby said Friday that three Baltimore police officers illegally arrested Gray on April 12. She also said that a knife that Gray had was not illegal.

Previous story, posted at 10:22 a.m.]

Baltimore's uneasy peace: Freddie Gray protests spread

(CNN) -- Frustrated by what they consider an unsatisfying trickle of answers, those angry over the death of Freddie Gray plan protests from coast to coast Friday.

At least four rallies or marches are planned in Baltimore alone, with other demonstrations scheduled in Chicago, New York, Seattle, Dallas, San Francisco and Oakland, California.

The mother of Trayvon Martin, the African-American youth killed in 2012 by neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman, plans to attend one of the Baltimore rallies, the Rev. Jamal Bryant of Baltimore's Empowerment Temple said in a tweet.

Authorities pleaded for patience Thursday after police said they'd finished their investigation but wouldn't publicly release their findings. Police turned their files over to prosecutors.

Some Baltimore businesses join fight for change

"We ask for the public to remain patient and peaceful and to trust the process of the justice system," Baltimore State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby said Thursday.

For the most part, that patience held Thursday night. Marches were peaceful in Baltimore, although police in Philadelphia clashed with protesters as officers tried to prevent them from blocking a highway.

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Yung Joc Arrested

It went down again for Yung Joc and the ATL rapper was locked up by police by the time they were finished.

Here is the report from TMZ:

Law enforcement sources tell us the rapper was pulled over by Atlanta PD Thursday for speeding. Cops ran his license and discovered it was suspended. But that wasn't all. YJ has a warrant out for his arrest. We don't know the nature of the warrant, but it doesn't matter much. The rapper was cuffed and taken to the cop shop for a not-so-pretty mug. He's still in custody.

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Floyd Mayweather To Bail Suge Knight Out Of Jail

A member of Floyd Mayweather's crew has responded to the assertion that the boxer will bail Suge Knight out of jail.

Suge Knight will be bailed out of jail by Floyd Mayweather, according to Knight's lawyer, Matt Fletcher.

"My understanding is that Suge's going to be bailed out this coming week," Fletcher says during an interview with the New York Daily News. "We think Mr. Mayweather is going to win the championship and then come champion the day again. They're good friends and there's no reason he shouldn't and we believe that will happen."

Mayweather is slated to fight Manny Pacquiao in Las Vegas Saturday (May 2).

Knight was charged with murder and attempted murder after being arrested January 30 on murder charges regarding his alleged involvement in a deadly hit-and-run outside of Tam's Burgers near the 1200 block of West Rosecrans Avenue in Los Angeles.

Knight reportedly allegedly injured two of the men he allegedly hit with his truck and killed a third, Terry Carter.

Knight's bail had been set at $25 million, but has been reduced to $10 million.

Suge Knight's murder trail has been set for July 7 by Los Angeles Superior Court judge Ronald Coen, according to a report today.

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