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Recently Chris Brown put out audio for his fans to turn up the heat on radio stations to play his music again. He said he feels he was not giving a fair shake and he been working hard and desrves a second chance. I agree with you Chris you do  deserve a second chance. And maybe it's a lilttle unfair you are the given the title of the new poster child of "Domestic Violence". But radio is not at fault here you are. You recorded a album I feel was rushed and not all that good. And there was alot of singles you released that was not poppin. Now if you ask me I think you should have took last year off and handle your personal business and get your mind,and heart right. After you did that then handle your legal affairs and then go to the lab and get some hot material and got it poppin. Chris answer this for me is radio to blame for the low ticket sales last year on your tour ?  Chris you are talented and young but you got to get off this high horse that other people and radio is to blame. Now I do feel some have black balled you and I think you learned a valuable lesson but did you learn enough to make you a better person?  Look in the mirror Chris then look into your heart and you will find the answer and hopefully your next album your music and good actions will do the talikng  good luck Chris

03/11/2010 2:03PM
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