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Bishop Eddie Long

A lifestyle full of materialism, tight clothing, and gluttony

shouldn't fit any servant of God's description.

I know that you've been hearing it all just like I have and if you know anything you know that people who get caught up in scandals and allegations like Bishop Eddie Long are the ones who keep people from the church.  Beyond the 25,000  people that attend his church he isn't fooling anyone. This man was the first to stand up Gay rights and mirage and we all know how that turns out... Its always the one who has  something to hide that feels the need to defend their lifestyle indirectly. POINT BLANK PERIOD.

Ask yourself this . . .

What Bishop keeps jewelry in the office drawer?

What Bishop uses an iPad to read his sermon off of?

What Bishop sends pictures of himself in a muscle shirt to youth congregation members?

What Bishop spends $350,000 on Bentley?

He has already been forgiven but still has a lot of answering to do. . . Check out his words to CNN and New Birth Church yesterday.

Bishop Eddie Long Speaks Out

While 25,000 (+)  people  are standing by his side there are court cases, complaints, and two young been that have been wined and dined to testify against Eddie Long. So while he says he wont cast the first stone I hope that he is praying hard. He should have thought twice about his transformation of turning boys into "men".

09/27/2010 8:16AM
Bishop Eddie Long
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