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Beware of: Cell Phone POPS!

Hey Hey Hey,      N0thing beats a cute or clever email, that leaves ya thinking I'm glad they shared that.  And ever since his retirement my Uncle Freddie has sent me such great stuff I've shared it on air every know and again.  Well thanks to Uncle Freddie I got another one to share.  This shows cell phones may not be as good as we think. The people in this video pop popcorn with there cell phone waves!   Although I haven't tried this experiment (but plan to) I  don't doubt it's possible. The sad thing is the effects that cell waves have on our body hasn't been researched enough and the damage done will be realized way to late.  So think about how many hours you hold this contraption up to your head, and parents think of what  your exposing your children to before there brains are even fully developed.   Just so your kid can be "in" with a cell phone like all the other kids have.   Just something to think about.  Let me know what you think about the video and if you tried it yourself.

Cell Phone Pops!

03/24/2010 7:39AM
Beware of: Cell Phone POPS!
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