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BET Bans Nicki Minaj?s ?Stupid Hoe?

Viacom owned cable channel BET has banned the video for Nicki Minaj’s new video “Stupid Hoe.”

A representative spoke to, and confirmed that the video was banned, because it is too explicit for the network.

A representative said that “Stupid Hoe’s” chorus, along with the risqué video, was too much for the network to air.

The BET ban or Nicki Minaj’s video for “Stupid Hoe” will not impact the song’s popularity.

The video for “Stupid Hoe,” which shot by legendary director Hype Williams, already has over 20 million views on YouTube since it was posted on January 20.

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02/02/2012 12:38AM
BET Bans Nicki Minaj’s “Stupid Hoe”
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02/02/2012 1:03AM
Good for banning it. All ages watch BET. Not so long ago we were bleeping out "a.." and "b...h" from songs on the radio. Nowadays nothings bleeped out. but yet we complain when out children curse and learn all these provocative ways.
02/02/2012 5:36AM
nicki minja
Well this song ain't no different from what themale rapers say and do in there video they have name calling should as BITCHES HOES AND HAVE FEMALES SHAKING THERE ASSSSSSSSSS IN VIDEOS AS WELL SO IF HER STUFF CANT AIR ON TV THEN THEY NEED TO DO THE MALE RAPERS THE SAME WAY
02/02/2012 6:09AM
Expectancy: women, high standards. men, low standards.
First of all, I EnJOY Nicki. Nonetheless I do consider it to be explicit considering all ages view BET, BUT male artist get a pass on their explicit pieces.
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