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Welcome to the blog of B Daht Obama! I've taken a new approach to MY blogs - I write letters to people. Hopefully one day some of the people can actually read the letters I write. If you have an idea of a letter you'd like me to write to someone (they don't HAVE to be in Sports) send it to theescore@yahoo. Hope you enjoy, and comments are STRONGLY encouraged!
Posts from March 2014

Ameriana Jones (& Flash)
One of the most creative things i've ever seen.

Kyle Santillian's 7 year old daughter wrote a script, he shot and edit it, and here is the 1st installment to what i'm sure will be a series of creativity: Ameriana Jones: the Great Adventure

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All Panthers fans are named GAVIN! Here's why.
Many Panther fans felt JUST like Gavin, here. What we NEED is more optimism, like Gavin's little sister in the back!

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If you're reading this blog, after watching the video, just tweet me (@BDAHT) if you agree or disagree we should from hence forth and forever more, refer to Panther fans as: #Gavin

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Embarrassing Mom
1. Guy fights MMA.
2. Guy gets put to sleep within the 1st minute of the fight.
3. Mom does NOT like her son going night night, so, she climbs the 9ft cage and hops in there to defend her sleep, son.


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