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Welcome to the blog of B Daht Obama! I've taken a new approach to MY blogs - I write letters to people. Hopefully one day some of the people can actually read the letters I write. If you have an idea of a letter you'd like me to write to someone (they don't HAVE to be in Sports) send it to theescore@yahoo. Hope you enjoy, and comments are STRONGLY encouraged!
Posts from February 2013

Is Wale's "gangsta" justified or ridiculous?
So, Wale is at the Toronto vs. Wizards game. Rudy Gay, newest member of the Raptors was dropping buckets and he and Wale were having words which led to the play by play announcer to say this:

Apparently Wale was upset at being called a local rapper and being compared to Drake to the point where he approached the announcer, check it out…

Wale, here's the skinny: you’re not as popular as you think homie. Get over yourself, cut your hair, and stop rapping like you’re a hearth throb.
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Locations: Toronto
People: Rudy Gay

The Tar Heel's Prayer
The Lord’s Prayer                                       The Tar Heels Prayer:
Our Father                                                    Dean Smith
Who art in heaven                                        Who hath lost thine memory
Hallowed it be thy name                               Hallowed be thy name
Thy kingdom come                                       Thy Season Come
Thy will be done                                           This Season sucks
On earth                                                       At Home
As it is in heaven                                           As well as on the road
Give us this day                                             Give us this day
Our daily bread                                             a win in Cameron
And forgive our trespassers                        And forgive our Coaching
As we forgive those                                       As we forgive those
That trespass against us                              Who beat us by 20
Lead us not                                                    Beat us not
Into temptation                                             inside Cameron
But deliver us from evil                                But deliver us from losing
For thine is the kingdom                              For thine is the tournament
The power                                                     the ACC
The glory                                                        the NCAA
Amen                                                              Amen
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People: Dean Smith

#50ForMJ Tribute to Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan turns 50 on the 17th. Next Sunday.
On ESPN, on the 17th, they’re showing MJ’s 50 greatest plays.
THIS Sunday, they’re doing a show on his importance in the shoe world.
Who DON’T own a pair of Jays? Whether you stood in line for em, or got em out of Marmaduke trunk, you got a pair!
So I thought of an idea. Where MJ from? NC. So we, the good people of NC should do something.
SO! Sunday, we’re doing #50forMJ
I need 49 other people to meet me at The Zone Sports Bar this Sunday, 8pm, to take a picture. Wear ya Jordans, and we’re gonna take a picture of 50 people in 50 different pairs of Jordans for MJ’s 50th Birthday!
Dope concept right?
One dude on Twitter told me there aren’t enough sneakerheads in the Boro to get 50 different Jordans. What you think?
I think we can do it.
8pm at The Zone which is located on S. Elm Street; right across from Jimmy Johns.
We’re gonna send the pictures to Jumpman23, nicekicks, & sneakernews.
If you’re a MJ fan, and you got some Jays, meet us at The Zone, Sunday, 8pm.
You can come chill if you don’t have Jordans, but the picture is for my Jordan heads.
It’s a kid friendly environment, so bring ya kids out; put them in their Jays too!
We’ve got a basketball goal, so we’ll be playing #ShotsForShots too; make the shot, any shot you want.
Hope to see you there. I’m out.
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Topics: Human Interest
Locations: North Carolina
People: Jimmy JohnsMichael Jordan

Titus' Trick Shots
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