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Welcome to the blog of B Daht Obama! I've taken a new approach to MY blogs - I write letters to people. Hopefully one day some of the people can actually read the letters I write. If you have an idea of a letter you'd like me to write to someone (they don't HAVE to be in Sports) send it to theescore@yahoo. Hope you enjoy, and comments are STRONGLY encouraged!
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B DAHT..... BEFORE Radio.....
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Paul Williams Highlights
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TED coming soon....
I have NO CLUE why I want to see this ridiculousness....

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So, during Game 4 of the Lakers vs. Nuggets series, a woman, APPEARING to be a bit intoxicated, stumbles on the court, and the rest, well, you can see for yourself.

The question is: What the hell was she doing?

Rumor has it she is Ramon Sessions side jawn (seeing as he has a girlfriend).

"an unnamed source" reported they were sitting in the front row and her the lady yell out "You know me! Ask Kenyon! He'll tell you!"

She was definitely saying something as she was being excorted out, but the cameras cut too fast for me to read her lips.

I'm a professional lip reader by the way.

Here's the video, check it out for yourself:

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72 Years Later.....
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