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Welcome to the blog of B Daht Obama! I've taken a new approach to MY blogs - I write letters to people. Hopefully one day some of the people can actually read the letters I write. If you have an idea of a letter you'd like me to write to someone (they don't HAVE to be in Sports) send it to theescore@yahoo. Hope you enjoy, and comments are STRONGLY encouraged!

Other than Dave Chappelle, Who R Kelly's a COURT ROOM?!?!

Being in the court room, i've thought of doing all types of things to show my disdain for having to show up. Especially on days when i'm only in the court room for a speeding ticket and the jerk officer who gave me the ticket has decided not to show up, and we have to get a continuance and come back in a couple weeks! Like I just enjoy wasting my mornings and my money showing up to Room 2c! Even though I've had numerous thoughts: leaping on a judge, slapping a bailiff, clipping an attorney, tapping the jahnt of the cute DA, soliciting the clerk for oral pleasure during recess, ALL TYPES OF THINGS is the point; i've never had the balls (or any other genitalia for that matter) that would have me do the foolishness that THIS inmate pulled IN the court room:
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B Daht was interviewed by Go Triad:

Triad DJ hopes Hollywood comes calling Brian McLaughlin has a goal, a goal that he hopes will take him from the earnest surroundings of Greensboro all the way to the star-making hills of Hollywood. You see, McLaughlin, who most of you probably know as “B Daht,” the resident, morning-show wise guy at WJMH 102 JAMZ FM, wants his own sitcom deal. He’s seeking that deal the old-fashioned way: by performing stand-up. “I’ve always been a funny guy,” says McLaughlin, who says it was his management’s idea to hit the comedy clubs if he wants to get on TV. “I felt like what I had been doing anyway, all my life, I had been doing pretty much stand-up.” For three years now, the St. Louis-born McLaughlin, 30, has been honing his joke skills on local stand-up stages. But he recently kicked it up a notch by hosting his own comedy show, “Freestyle Funny Comedy Show,” at the Comedy Zone in Greensboro. McLaughlin and a quartet of North Carolina funnymen (Darren Brand, Burpie, Chico Bean and Osama Bin Drankin) do a monthly comedy revue that consists of stand-up routines as well as skits and “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”-style improv . McLaughlin says the show has been a hit ever since it began in fall 2009, presented on the third Sunday of every month. So, being the ever-enterprising cat that he is, McLaughlin and his crew decided to branch out and do a monthly show in Charlotte at Club Skandalos. After debuting the show there, McLaughlin says the club wanted them to perform every Thursday in July, but McLaughlin had to turn down their offer. “It’s difficult for us to do a weekly show because so much thought goes into it. I mean, every comic does a fresh set every show. We play fresh games. We do fresh sketches.” McLaughlin also believes that the more occasional the show, the more people will pack the joint to see it. “The demand for it every third Sunday makes the crowds stay around 300 people per show. They want to come out and see what the hype is about. You only get it once a month. So, it’s like, 'Oh man, I gotta put this on my calendar for this show, because they won’t be able to do it again until next month.’ ” But just because they couldn’t keep a home in Charlotte doesn’t mean they’re staying put in Greensboro, either. McLaughlin and the boys did a college tour last year, hitting five major campuses in North Carolina, including UNC-Charlotte, N.C. State and Winston-Salem State University (McLaughlin’s alma mater). This year, they’re on the road again, adding four additional colleges to the tour. It starts this weekend, when they’ll play N.C. A&T on Saturday and UNCG on Tuesday. McLaughlin is banking on collegiate audiences spreading the word about him and his comic brethren tickling ribs in the Tar Heel state. “80 percent of those [college students] aren’t from here, so when they leave and they remember the 'Freestyle Funny Comedy Show,’ they’re going back to their respective homes,” he says. “They’re going back to Florida. They’re going back to New York. ... And they’re all carrying the 'Freestyle Funny Comedy Show’ idea with them. And they’re all [like], 'Man, these guys are funny. We were at this show, and they did this and they did that. So, we’re reaching those other states, but we’re capitalizing on it while they’re here in North Carolina. “We just want to build a buzz to a point where instead of us just trying to go out there to L.A. and throw it out there amongst them, we wanna build a buzz strong enough to where they’ll hear about it and, then, they’ll want to pick it up.” Contact Craig D. Lindsey at
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My Life Has Changed.

I'm 2 weeks in from working out with @VAGoddessFIT (on Twitter). The first week was tough just getting into the flow of working out again, being sore, being fatigued, changing my diet; it was tough. Yesterday I actually was looking forward to hitting the gym, and the workout was AWESOME. One of the toughest we've had to date, I almost hurled the last 10 minutes, but I felt GREAT guzzling my Muscle Milk at the conclusion. I'm working otu for a couple of reasons: 1. The ol lady has been dying tom get in the gym to lose some weight and some inches, but she needs a workout partner. 2. Although I LOOK to have the body of a GOD, it's all smoke and mirrors. I'm what one would call "Skinny Fat". I appear lean and healthy, but I fill my system up daily with sugars and fatty foods and do NO exercise. My stamina is horrible. 3. I wanna take my shirt off at the beach and at the pool. So MY PERSONAL GOALS ARE: 1. To add on 10-15 pounds of muscle 2. To increase my stamina 3. Live a healthier lifestyle. 4. Eat foods that will add on years to my life as opposed to take away. I have cut back on sugar tremendously, but the biggest subtraction I had to make from my life, was Pop; some of you call it Soda. We had to have a funeral for Pop; sad days. We're on a 3 month work out plan and at the conclusion, we'll evaluate progress and see if we'll continue. Check my journey through my twitter @BDAHT and right here on my blog.
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A year ago, B Daht was blessed enough to be in a film directed by EMMY AWARD WINNER Omawale Akintunde. It follows the journey of a white guy in Omaha Nebraska who is soulful, and because of his connection with the black demographic he is deemed a "WIGGER" or a "White guy trying to be black". Here's the trailer, premier coming soon to Greensboro NC and Charlotte NC:
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When B Daht invades YOUR School, it may look like THIS:

I had the privilege to go to Vandalia Elementary in Greensboro and be the "Mystery Reader", check it out:
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Ladies, stop making this face in your pictures!

You women are ridiculous taking these pictures of yourselves with your lips all poked out! Unbeknownst to me, some guys made a song where they gave those dumb faces of yours a name: the "Duck Face". I think that's hilarious and I want the world to know about it:
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#FFCS: African Americans Greatest Hits

Once a month B Daht and 4 of his comedic brethren get together for the Freestyle Funny Comedy Show. February's show was a reflection on some of the achievements of African Americans. This is the Time Life commercial for African Americans Greatest Hits.
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Freestyle Funny Comedy Show

Once a month B Daht and his 4 Comedic homies: Darren Brand, OsamabinDrankin Burpie and Anthony Bean put on a Freestyle Funny Comedy Show for the people; this is how we kick it off each show.
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Wild-Out Webisode 5: Serving for MLK Day

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Baracka Flocka Flame: Head of the State

Working with Kyle Santillian I've been the witness to some great parodies, but this one takes the cake:
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#FFCS Dating Game

Once a month B Daht and his Comedic Brothers (@Osamabindrankin, @ComedianBurpie, @DarrenBrand & @chicoBean on twitter.) have a Comedy Show the Freestyle Funny Comedy Show at the Comedy Zone in Greensboro. We do stand-up, skits, Improv and sketches. This is one of our skits from 10-17-2010: the Dating Game, with your host: Richard Cranium!
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Freestyle Funny Comedy Show THIS Sunday!! Take a peak:

Once a month B Daht and his Comedian homies (@Osamabindrankin @ComedianBurpie @DarrenBrand & @chicoBean on twitter) all join forces for a Voltron of Funny at the Comedy Zone in Greensboro. Laugh at this, then go to and get YOUR tickets! We'll see you there!
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