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Another Storm?

Its a winter wonderland!!!! I have been living in Greensboro off and on since 1984 I don't remember a winter like this For Real!! I have now decided to get a four wheel drive...got stuck 4 or 5 times in snow I speak to people up north and they claim its been a good winter? I don't like to complain but am I the only one tired of this weather? I wish the trucks would clear the streets at night....allgood I guess according to Groundhog another 6 weeks so bundle up and keep it locked to the radio!!!! Do yourself a favor get a battery powered radio just in case!!!!

02/04/2010 6:15PM
Another Storm?
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02/11/2010 9:13PM
r4 para la ds
This time winter is very hard season like,I think from last 15 years I never seen this type of snow falling and cold.I also tired Its enough!!!I just prey please help me...this winter will freeze me and my life too!!
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