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Earlier this week NFL quater back Michael Vick was given a conditional reinstatement back to the NFL  from commissioner Roger Goodell. Vick which every one knows by now served time in federal prison for bank rolling a dog fighting ring has lost hundreds of millions of dollars since this crime became  common knowledge. Yes I feel what Vick did was awful, bad , and even a  hanus act towards these animals. But I feel that it is time for us as society to move on. Vick himself has said that he knows that some people will find it hard to ever forgive him for what he did but he did his time. He lost almost everything he worked so hard for because of his arrogant ways but he has learned from it and deserves a second chance. All ready at least 15 NFL teams have said they are not interested in Michael Vick services ok thats fine your choice but it is hard not to think to rapper Jadakiss verse when he says "What if Payton Manning was dog fighting" . This counrty I was told was all about second chances. DC re elected a mayor who was caught on tape buying crack. Bill Clinton kept the oval office after his affair with an intern and lying about it under oath. So why not give Mr Michael Vick his second chance as well. Look take it from me I have done my share of dirt in my life and if was not for someone giving a second chance I will not be here right now my self . But what I also will say to Michael Vick as well "You got to and must make the best out of your second chance and you and only you can make that happen". Good luck Mr Vick

07/29/2009 9:43AM
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06/14/2010 10:00AM
Rocco Trent
If only more people could read about this..
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