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The year 2009:  What a year!  From Obama being swarned in as the 44th President of the United States Of America, and being the first African American to do so, to the death of the King of Pop.  Although there were many highs and lows, this year has brought us some some joy over the past year as we end this decade before embarking on another one... Great Moments of '09: Inaugural BallIn January at the beginning of the year, millions came to Washington D.C. for the biggest historical event of this decade.   People came to see Barack Obama take the oath of office, and millions more wacthed the event on TV on that cold January day at Washington's Mall.   Performances by celebrities set the tone for this event and after the ceremony, millions gathered around to watch the President and his wife walk the streets hand-in-hand in the parade.   At the end of that historical day, the world was able to witness the beautiful inaugural balls.   New Breakthrough artist of '09: And the award for new breakthrough artists for 2009 goes to:  Lady Gaga and Drake.  Lady Gaga has made a huge impression in the pop world with her music and crazy performances.  She has a lot of talent and she definitely stands out from the rest.  Drake also has made an undeniably  impression on the world of Hip-Hop.  The one thing I appreicate about this guy is he is doin his thing his way.  No outrageous bling, no gun talk or play, no dreads, just clean cut and just being himself and that's ok with me. Comeback Artists: This year Gucci Mane and Trey Songz made the biggest comeback in music.  Despite the fact that Gucci can't keep himself out of trouble, he has still been able to make his mark in music as an Indie artist.  Trey Songz has made some noise in 2009 as well with his album "Ready" along with great collaborations with other artist.   Drama: tiger woods 2Tiger Woods... In the words of Jigga man "What more can I say?"  First it was the car crash late at nite. Then came the internet rumors of him being a playa-playa off the golf course, then he says the "T" word "Transgressions".  Now we are up to the upteenth women who all have claimed that they slept with Tiger.  Then we have Chris Brown and Rhianna on Grammy weekend bringing domestic violence to the forefront with both of these young stars going through their darkest hour for the world to see.  The violent death of former NFL allp-pro Quarterback Steve Mcnair on the 4th of July, according to investigators by the hands of his mistress who then took her own life.  Was this giant of a hero in the  Nashville community living a double life?  And of course Mr. Kanye West's outburst at the MTV VMAs towards country singer Taylor Swift. Lets face it, Kanye did more good for Taylor's career and damaged his own ego as well. Biggest News Headlines: Michael Jackson's death:  The media went into a frenzy about Michael and his cause of death.  We have finally left his soul to rest as we end 2009 and hopefully nothing but positive memories are put out about him as we enter 2010.  Another very tragic event happened this year.  Five-year-old Shaniya Davis captured the hearts of millions across the country after she was reported missing by her mother.  Prayer vigils and search parties looked frantically and kept a glipse of hope that this little girl will be found safe and unharmed.  That was not the case as her body was found on the side of the road in Sanford, NC.  Her mother was charged with prostitution and human-trafficking.  However in the world of hip-hop it was who's who when it came to our favorite artist going to prison, T.I., Gucci again (SMH), Lil Boosie, and Lil Wayne to follow in 2010. Unforgotten Loses: Micheal Jackson Billy Mays Farrah Fawcett Ed McMahon Edward Kennedy Steve McNair Dolla Adam "DJ AM" Goldstein Brittany Murphy

12/21/2009 5:10PM
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yo tap checkout the i wanna rock remix i did.....lemme know what u think ,,honestly my nig....myspace.com/kave-man.........tre4 all da way
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