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"Said It" Now I gotta do it!!!!

In life we always speak things into existence and  this is an example.  Last year before Friday Night Football season started Coach Turk was previewing the season.  He says"look out for Ben L Smith this year with Coach Brewington they gone be a force."  Couldn't believe this dude Coach Turk said that, I went to Smith and played football, we never where a force back then and Smith had lost every game for like 3 seasons in a row(state record for most losses in a row)...Every Game! So then the challenge was born, a week later the Friday Night Football player of the week was from Smith.  He brought Coach Brewington with him the night the award was presented.  "Thursday night on the 5 most wanted Smith Eagles if you win more than 4 games then I'm throwing  you a party!!!!  All Football players and cheerleaders in free!!!!  That was that, well the season went on and not only did Smith win 4 games but they also went to playoffs!  As the year ended I would run into football coaches or players and they would always ask me "whats up with the show?".  Now I gotta  keep my word so Nov 6, we gone do the DJ Hero show.  What better time and especially since Smith beat Dudley and is currently undefeated!!!

09/25/2010 11:14AM
"Said It" Now I gotta do it!!!!
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10/22/2010 10:20AM
I just signed up to your blogs rss feed. Will you post more on this subject?
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