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Ride Along 2 (Movie Trailer #2)

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Ja Rule On Fame: “I Want To Disappear”

The rapper also says he no longer loves being famous. During a promotional run for his Follow The Rules MTV reality show, Ja Rule says that he’s changed as a person. "I’m getting weirder as I get older,” Ja Rule says during an interview with GQ. "I just want to be a recluse. I want to disappear. I mean, I am doing a reality show…” After pausing for a moment, the Queens, New York rapper continues. "I used to love being famous,” he says. “It was the dopest, funnest thing. Not anymore.” As for Follow The Rules, Ja Rule says that the show documents his family unit of his wife, college-age daughter, two sons, mother and mother-in-law as a “hectic household.” Earlier this month, Ja Rule told HipHopDX that he enjoys doing the show, which debuted last month. "It’s cool man," Ja Rule said during an exclusive interview with HipHopDX. "So far, so good. I’m enjoying it and the family is enjoying it. I don’t think you hear too many people say that about doing these types of shows. It’s never really a lot of positives energy, but my show is a lot of fun and a lot of positive energy."
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Young Thug Pleads For Custody Of His Children

In 2011, the rapper said he had 11 children. Young Thug called for the custody of his children on Twitter today (November 30). The Atlanta rapper says that he has "a mansion with 12 empty bedrooms waiting for them." He suggests that one of the mothers lives in his former neighborhood and questions why the mothers of his children are awarded custody. "I refuse to come on Cleveland ave, that's called backtracking," he writes. "I just wanna no y should a peasant with no job, or future, or apartment/house/condo have custody of a rich mans child!! I'm lost." In an interview with The Music Connects Mag published in 2011, Thugger said he had 11 children, five boys and six girls.
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